little angel

Andy woke me up last night when he hopped on my bed. Dougy was chasing him, so he tried to get on the small bookcase next to my bed. It usually is safe there. There’s an oscillating fan and a world atlas with a towel on top for Andy’s comfort.

This happens from time to time, and I know not to have my hand sticking out where Andy inevitably uses it to shorten the distance he has to jump to land on the atlas.

Last night, though, my hand wasn’t in the safe zone. Andy jumped, caught my hand with his rear claws, missed the atlas when I pulled my wounded hand back to the bed, reached for the towel, which slipped off the atlas, taking Andy with it to the ground!

[Taken much later:  Dougy came for a visit. You can see the scratch on the top of my left hand.]

[Taken much later: Dougy came for a visit. You can see the scratch on the top of my left hand.]

All that happened so fast, I reacted to catch Andy when he fell back with the towel. In the dark, I held a ball covered with the towel between my hands, a ball I soon realized actually was poor Andy’s head! I released my grip instantly, and Andy scampered away in the dark. Dougy came in and hopped on my bed, pretending it was a social visit, not a search and destroy mission, his brother the object.

I didn’t notice where Andy ran to, or if he even got by Dougy. I hoped he’d escaped under the bed. I got up to see if he was safe. Frankly, I was a bit concerned I hurt him when I held his head between my hands when I grabbed the falling towel! Andy wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

“Look what you did, Dougy!” I scolded when I got back in bed and Dougy climbed back up to stretch out by me. “I’m bleeding!” He wasn’t impressed, though he was very interested in sniffing the blood. Kind of creeps me out when a carnivorous pet shows interest in me as meat! “Bad boy!”

I found Andy when I got up. He was asleep on top of their enclosed cat carriage. The top slumps between the front and back metal framework. **(This slump, for those who don’t know, is called a “catenary“, something a cat person might bring up to bore you with a terrible pun. So I did!)

I rubbed Andy’s tummy, something he likes when he’s sleepy, takes as a challenge to a duel when he is more awake. I know my cat and how long to rub his tummy, but a moment’s misjudgment – such as during this morning’s session – ends in a 10 pound (4.54 kg) hunk of cat flesh wrapped around your arm, claw slashing, tooth chewing! Ouch!

It was an active night’s rest.

Later, when fed and loved, the boys took off to do their thing. I have no idea where Dougy is (sleeping), but my little angel is at my feet!

[My little angel, Andy!]

[My little angel, Andy!]

Pretty, isn’t he?! He and Dougy look like all-black cats till they roll over.


** Actually, a catenary is much more than that, as this Wikipedia link will inform you.

6 thoughts on “little angel

    • Look up smoke Persian on the internet, and you’ll see how dramatic the cat can be! Mine aren’t show or breeding cats, so I have no incentive to let them turn into hours-a-day upkeep masters. On the other hand, the longer their hair gets, the prettier they are.

    • The longer their hair (aside for more grooming issues and poop balls hanging on their “tail feathers”), the more dramatic the grey-silver shades mixed in their hair get.

    • Looks that way, doesn’t it? The color of his and Dougy’s hair shifts depending on how light strikes it. It doesn’t show well in this photo, but his hind feet and and legs actually are black.

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