Post 2075: ennui…

Dougy ran off with the other mockingbird. I haven’t located it yet, but there is evidence he must have played long and hard with it.

This mockingbird barely gets a rise today.

Ho hum! The mockingbird tries its best to arouse the kitty in Dougy, to no avail.

Doug grabs the mockingbird with a claw or two, but that’s about it. No “KILL! KILL! KILL!” today.

Yes, Dougy is bored with the mockingbirds!

16 thoughts on “Post 2075: ennui…

    • If he’s too bored with it now, I’ll bring it out in a few weeks and he’ll find it interesting again! Right now, the kitty boys are bored with most of their toys. I have some new ones on order, including an old favorite, the wand tow=y with the colored fabric string. TRhe old one broke, but the string part turned into a favorite kitty-invented chase game. I almost tossed it out till I realized tjhey still play with that!

    • Yeah, I try to keep it clean since nice people read this, but I am not as nice as that – I know the words you have in mind. LOL! (I did serve three years in the US Army afterall, and that is a wonderful place to learn “those”, and I did!) words

    • I thoroughly enjoy your posts, especially this tyime of year since you write about you, Janine, and your family working in the garden! You are blessed to have family who enjoy being and working with you, Michel, even though some live in England!

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