Post 261: Christmas…again!!?

Pretend I am in the “Christmas mood”…!

christmas stamps 2012

You’ve just received an envelope with the stamp above attached. You are upset because the rate this year is 46 cents, and the post office attached a 1 cent postage due stamp on the envelope. “What #*&@! sent me a Christmas card with postage due?” you mumble. “Bah humbuggery if you ask me….”

The cat looks familiar….

xmas 1

You open the envelope. Same cat. Slightly different message: “Snuggle into the holidays vs. Snuggle in for the holidays,” you think, “Whatever.” That penny postage due business still rankles, and you still don’t know who to thank for the irritation of having to find a penny to get the card.

You open the card, and there it is: Andy sprawled on his back and a really nice greeting! Yeah! And the other cat is Dougy.

xmas 2

“That ^$%#@ Doug owes me a ^$#%$ penny!” Yep! Weggieboy sent you an old card with postage due this year! Nice to know you count, eh!?


May you have a blessed Christmas and a great New Year, if I don’t get around to it later this week. And don’t worry! I’ll give you a penny the next time I see you!

15 thoughts on “Post 261: Christmas…again!!?

  1. I think that is THE most delightful card! πŸ™‚ Andy and Dougy are so handsome! I’d give them anything they desired! πŸ™‚
    My pooch melts my heart with his handsome face, too! πŸ™‚
    HUGS and Merry Christmas from me! πŸ™‚
    And Cooper-kisses from my pooch! πŸ™‚

    • The boys are very soft and lovable on top of all else, though Andy takes his time letting you be nice to him. (I share his secrets so people visiting here don’t waste time getting on his very best side!) The say they’d probably like Cooper, too, though they have very little personal experience with dogs, just some very well-behaved ones at the veterinarian’s that didn’t scare them by barking or anything rude! So, from all of us to all of you, may you have a blessed Christmas, too!

  2. Cool card! And with the description of each stage, and the grumpy reactions that go along with them, I really felt it was me; getting a real card (I just thought I didn’t swear that much, but who the %$# cares). Best part is, you owe me a virtual penny (or 0.73 europence). Thanks for the card and Merry Christmas to you and the boys … any meal plans?

    • That’s my Christmas card last year, and the stamp is the stamp I used. They still are available on Zazzle, though the new (soon to be old…) postal rate of 46 cents replaced the 45 cent rate of last year.

      I recently saw an article showing the US states where people cuss the most and where they cuss the least. Though Nebraska, my state, wasn’t in the top five states where people cuss like pirates, it was it the top 10. Ha! (I confess I am inclined toward malediction, though I try to keep it clean as best I can!)

      No plans for a special dinner, though last year I had a nice steak dinner at a local restaurant of Christmas Eve. I usually don’t eat like that (too much protein in a sitting…), but it was a pleasant change from chicken. Maybe I’ll do it again this year, only eat at one of the local Mexican restaurants where they serve more than the standard taco, burrito, fajita, and similar fare. I had a very agreeable grilled chicken breast (fixed in the manner of Jalisco-style food) there once with grilled vegetables and mushrooms that I’d order again..

      How about you? You going to do the video of the City Hall doings or some similar Christmas video this year?

      As for the penny, if I wait a week, maybe the recent decline will stop around .6 euro cent. I’ll make out like a pirate! Arrr!

      • From my point of view (that is, what I’ve seen from US and UK television), your country is far behind the UK when it comes to swearing. British tv series writers and late night hosts and guests seem unable to complete a sentence without dressing the f$@’Β§ word at every sauce. On the other hand, pirate cussing is funny, so I’m counting on you to get Nebraska up in the top 5.

        Oh, as usual, big dinner family. I think: Zakuski appetizers, oysters (but smoked salmon and toasts for me and for all the others wanting to escape the slimy things), then probably steak or lamb or lobster (surprise!), and we’ll finish with the traditional Yule log. My grandmother, my mother and her sisters were all fighting for who-s-gonna-make-this-and-that-dish. So I really don’t have to worry about a thing … just bring my stomach and my little gifts.

        Yes! I’ve been thinking a lot about my City Hall video! But today, it’s been raining all day long … I hope tomorrow won’t be too bad, because I really want to make one after last year’s gap. After two videos for 2010 and 2011, I already call it a tradition πŸ˜‰

      • The Comedy Central channel here features comics who clearly were raised by pirates! I’ve probably heard all the best curses, but there still is a moment of two when I flinch and reach for a bucket to vomit in, a side benefit of watching the comedy! Har!

        I look forward to the video if it is to be this year. The earlier videos definity show a display worth watching!

    • I’m glad I found yours, too! Sometimes I find the political scene in Nebraska oppressive (well, LOTS of times! Especially out west where I am.) Your blog is a refreshing look at that mess. Best of wishes to you and yours, too, for the holidays!

  3. Wow only 1 cent? Here’s there would be a Β£1 charge to pay as well (I’ve had one of those.)

    “I’ve received a card asking me for payment, what does it mean?

    You have been sent an item of mail and either not enough postage was paid when it was sent. Don’t worry you’ll still get your mail as we’re holding it for you. All you need to do is pay the fee stated on the form. You pay the deficient postage for the item, in addition to a Β£1.00 fee the total is shown on the card.”

    (And you’ll get over the anger of being cheated out of Β£1 eventually.)

    it’s amazing they haven’t cottoned on to another opp to give us the money or else (the mail will be returned to sender) like they have here.

    • Yes, only the postage dure is charged, and the postal carrier has to buy thew postage due stamps to apply to the envelopes concerned. So…if there is a penny due, your carrier (who knows where you live!) is the one you actually owe the penny! The pound fee you mention sounds pretty stiff for a postage shortage fee. I bet a lot of such letters get returned to the sender for sure!

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