Post 2099: sometimes I just look at them…

Sometimes I just look at Dougy (above) and Andy and think, “I can’t believe these pedigree kitty boys were just given to me. They may not be show quality, but I think they are soooo pretty!”

Pedigree or not, Dougy is a naughty kitty! His ottoman bares witness to that!

Then there is shy Andy, “hiding” just out of reach. Dougy claims me as his human, but Andy does, too.

If I put my hand over to touch Andy, though, he becomes alarmed: “Is he going to give me medicine? Oh no! OH NO!” I have to be careful not to press him too hard or he will scamper away even though my only intention was to give him kitty loving!

Andy is a very sweet-natured kitty! If he wants to sit there on the walker to watch me, fine!

24 thoughts on “Post 2099: sometimes I just look at them…

    • I have to agree! I think part of the rerason they aren’t show kitties is they both have noticeably unsymmetrical faces, something that just adds to their cuteness in my mind!

    • Yes, when I picked up the ashes of :Louie the ginger cat, Andy was brought out. He was five weeks old at the time, but the person who raised kitties wanyted tol know if I’df be interested in having him once he was reast=y to leave his mommy. I was smitten instantly! The short of it, in a stay in the clinic, Andy adfter the first few days home with me, Andy was reunited with his twoi brothers and sister. One of the brothers and Andy played well together. You guessed it: Dougy! When I came to pick up Andy, I was offered Dougy, too. I’d intended to find a companion kitty for Andy at the local pound, having had two really good kitties from the pound before, but the offer to have a brother from the same litter as Andy made more sense. I haven’t regretted accepting the two.

    • Double blessed! I never quite understood why she gace away two pedigree kittens, rthough she tried to explain it to me. I did agree to two conditions: they couldn’t be shown in cat shows (not my interest!) and they had to be neutered (I believe in this for non-breeding pets and I had no intention of getting into that activity). It was the classic no brainer.

    • Anyone travelling through this area (Carhenge is three miles north of me, then you can head on to South Dakota and the Badlands one way or Mt. Rushmore, etc. in the Black Hills the other) is welcome to meet the kitty boys if they contact me firsdt so I can arrange to be home or available. They are mild cats, perhaps a little shy with new peop0le, but they are capable of being “bought” (Andy and kitty treatsd; Dougy, favorite toy de jour).

    • They te;ll me to tell you “Meow!” There was a fourth one, I think, or maybe I’m confusing you homelife with Dumas’ class…!

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