The book on Maggie the shelter dog’s story is now available!

One of the two blogger friends who helped me a lot during my hospitalization and rehabilitation last year, Liz McManus, finally got her book telling the story of Maggie the shelter dog  published, and it is available through .

You may remember Maggie, a beautiful, all white sweetie. anyway, here’s a link to Liz’s blog, with more information on the book. I’ve ordered mine copy already! 



23 thoughts on “The book on Maggie the shelter dog’s story is now available!

    • Me, too. She has a gentle spirit and intends to be a good girl even when she accidentally isn’t. Fortunately, she found a forgiving, loving family that have done everything they can to help her succeed, and that isn’t something everyone would do.

    • You’re welcome! Maggie is a good dog with a tough history, and I look forward to reading the book. I’ve followed her blog for as long as it’s been on the web (I think), so am familiar with a lot of her story.

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