Post 1940: the itsy bitsy spider ran up the…

Dougy spotted it…

…up there! Yeah, there’s a spider just to the lower left of the fire alarm. Seriously. An itsy bitsy spider. Dougy is chirping at it. He wants it. Now!

It moves pretty fast for being so itsy bitsy! Dougy still sees it, if I don’t. 

Now it’s above that stack of three small pictures in the middle. Seriously! I told you it is itsy bitsy!

Good grief, Dougy! It’s moved over to it’s home turf…

…behind one of these photos. Dougy’s been stalking it for some time now. So have I.

35 thoughts on “Post 1940: the itsy bitsy spider ran up the…

  1. Nothing like a good spider to catch a kitty’s attention. Nod accidentally “activated” a stink bug that got into the house recently. I’ve never smelled on before, only seen them. They live up to their name.

    • It was very small and light colored. I caught some movbement from time to time, but it was invisable to me when it stopped unless i happened to be focused on it pretty well during its moves. Mostly I depended on Dougy to shiow me where it was by where he “bird dogged” it. (Pointed his face at it and chirped…)

    • LOL! Unlike me, Dougy ignores the po,litical news, biut he did, indeed, see a tiny, very l,ight colored spider. I saw it sometimes and other times not. Motre often, I see it or some other spider on the lampshade. Dougy and Andy weill obsess on it or other critters till they catch it or it dies of old age! LOL! So far they haven’t knocked over anything trying to catch insects or spiders, but I can see that day coming.

      • Ha! We went to the Cat Cafe last night and saw a gorgeous white Persian kitty girl who was bothering all other cats. We were told that she usually behaves like this, and “what do you expect – she is a Persian!” So I told them about The Adorables who are so well behaved and well mannered. It leaves me wondering, though, who would abandon a tiny pedigreed kitten to fend for herself?

        • Maskes me wonder if she has some trauma in her background. Persians really are more mild and sweet-natured than that. I think the person who made the comment must have seen those movies where Persian kitties were cast as the villains of the show!

          • All kitties at that cafe are rescued and available for adoption, so I would assume all of them had experienced some traumas. The person professes herself to be a feline expert. I’ve never had Persians or any pedigreed cats, so I wouldn’t know.

          • I add things like that for all readers. One never knows! There does seem to be a bias against Persians that is based on films like “Austen Powers”, “Cats and Dogs”, and “Stewart Liyttle”, where the villains (or villain’s pet) were Persian kitties. Andy and Dougy are typical for their mild personalities, but they are full-blown kitties in that they can exhibit kitty qualities like territorial in fighting or enjoyment of boxes.

          • I have never seen any of those movies, but I like the “full-blown kitties” characteristic! I asked a friend in Israel who has had Persians, one after another (the current one is Mussia 3), and he agreed with you. He also used all kinds of Russian expletives regarding that “expert” woman. I am not about to translate those!

          • Well, that’s why you are nicer than most people, Dolly! None of those movies is worth your time. Of course, that may be my pro-Persian sentiments speaking, not some objective evaluation of content, presentation, cinematography, direction, acting, etc. Shalom to your friend in Israel too, He clearly is a discerning fellow!

          • LOL Thank you, Doug, I’ll tell him. His Mussia 3 is a snow white beauty, total contrast to The Adorables.
            P.S. I had worked in arts and culture, including TV which, in my humble opinion, is neither art nor culture most of the time, that I have an extremely snobbish attitude regarding cinematography. Rather than watch something substandard, I’ll read, cook, or play piano. Thank G-d, there is no shortage of excellent authors out there, and nobody cancelled Mozart yet!

          • I completely agree! My tastes run toward Baroque, Classical, and Early Romantic. Though I played trombone as a kid, I haven’t played it since I was a kid! Thanks for passing on the message, and love pure white cats. That white is so intense!

          • That they are. When they are in hunt mode, it doesn’t matter if it is nothing more than one of those gnats that hatch out of potting soil or a brother, they put the same level of concentration on the capture/kill/play!

    • I’m not thrilled with them myself! I try not to follow my instinct to KILL! KILL! KILL! when I see one, but I am not beyond saying, “Hey kitties! There’s a spider!” LOL! And they accommodate my wishes and chase (and, I hope,. kill) the dang thing.

    • p.s. We send out best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’ve enjoyed your traverl and food blog posts a lot during the past year and look forward to your work in 2019!

    • The best of all worlds: You don’t have to do it! I do try to encourage my kitty boys to perfect their hunting skills on any stray spirders or critters that think they will spend the season indoors.

  2. Washe cat found a large spider in the laundry room & dispatched it , he freeked when he saw 100 babies squiggling all over ❗️ thank goodness for Ortho after I got him out of there 🐱 😉

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