Post 2091: after kitty food time…

Lucky Dougy! He can relax after kitty food time

…but Andy sneaks around in the dark (the reason this is in black and white) because he knows it’s time for kitty medicine time. Yuck!

26 thoughts on “Post 2091: after kitty food time…

      • We go through it only once a month, fortunately, when we apply the Revolution treatment to all three of them, and it’s topical, rather than internal. I catch, and sweet-talk, and cajole, and hug, and my husband applies those few drops, after which all three of them stage a revolution of their own, sulking under the bed.

        • I know that routine! The kitty boys act like they just had sulfuric acid applied to them. At first, I thought maybe it was uncomfortable and hurt on application, but I accidentally got some on my skin – no ticks or fleas that month! LOL! – and it was more like water than anytnhing. (Of course, I washed it off as soon as possible.)

          • LOL When we catch one of the girls, she immediately tells the others, and they hide. I remember the experience of administering internal meds to Shabbos the Cat. I would wrap her into a blanket, and my son would give her meds. I know what you are going through, without a second person to assist.

          • Dougy sometimes runs interference when I’m on Andy’s trail, but the routine lately has been simplified by the fact that Andy thinks he’s hiding when he gets begind the towel that I wrap him in Dougy’s usually off somewhere catting around. Fortunately for me, Andy is fatalistic and compliant once I reach over to pick him up.

          • That’s how he is! He goes limp when I pick him up and wrap him in the towel, though he does put up a little resistance the closer I get to completing the wrap.

          • Thst threy asre. Dougy isn’t happy to be held very long, though I work on that, slowly, with the intention of him learning there are rewards for becoming a lap kitty!

    • He isn’t technically hiding, just hanging out far enough away that he can make a run foir it if I shift myt weight in my chair or get out of it!

  1. aaaah …are you looking for a hiding place? da neilson says you can close your eyes then you can not see anything and they also can not see you… but if you as me, I say… ruuuuun!

    • Andy believes as long as he can’t see you, he is hiding. I creates hilarious situations where I have no problem catching him because he doesn’t realize he’s so exposed. KI hope he never figiures it out!

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