Post 280: Kind of a slow day here…

Not much happening here today. Andy’s watching birds out the back window. Dougy’s trying to make me feel guilty by posting himself at my feet, dog-style: “Amuse me, human! Just a little!”

If I see this, I know Andy's being a good boy...if you discount his secret plan to eat some birds!

If I see this, I know Andy’s being a good boy…if you discount his secret plan to eat some birds!

It’s close to afternoon feeding time, and that should get the boys excited. I think it’s trout-salmon mix wet food today. It won’t be long before they are smacking their lips and licking their whiskers to make themselves presentable and clean for the evening.

Tomorrow, I’m driving a veteran down to an eye appointment in Scottsbluff. This is my seventh time since I started. I’ve driven people to Hot Springs, South Dakota; Ft. Collins, Colorado; Oshkosh, Nebraska; and four trips to Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

It’s something I like to do, it takes little time or effort, it gets me out of town for a few hours (alternative: hibernating in front of computer!), and, most of all, it helps people without a ride of their own to get somewhere they need to be to join family or see a doctor.

When I came down with Wegener’s granulomatosis, it was family, church, and work friends who ferried me to or back from places as far away as Denver, Colorado, about four hours away from where I live.

Hot Springs South Dakota is in the Black Hills, and is a lovely place to take someone! There's a VA hospital and clinic there.

Hot Springs South Dakota is in the Black Hills, and is a lovely place to take someone! There’s a VA hospital and clinic there.

This kindness touched my heart and gave me an appreciation of how difficult it is to survive on the Northern Plains without a car or truck.

It pleases me to help others this way, and I encourage those who want to pay me for gas, whatever, to just pay it forward. There is no end to the ways one can help others if one just responds to what others most need!

8 thoughts on “Post 280: Kind of a slow day here…

    • It was uneventful (good!), even though the trip down was in the dark on a road notorious for deer and other wildlife encounters. The sun was on the way up when I headed back, and I put on a CD of Louis Armstrong’s Hot Fives and Sevens studio bands from the late 1920s, a perfect accompaniment to the road trip home!

      As noted above, I help because I can, and because others helped me when I needed it: Play it forward, is the name of the game, the Golden Rule applied. I refuse money for gas, but recommend they make a donation to the Sallows Military Museum, which was established to honor the sacrifices of area service people in all the wars, specifically, if they feel they have to spend their money some way. I also suggest they consider ways they might be able to pay it forward.

  1. Thank you so much for the way you give to and help others!!! I appreciate that! We have all been helped at sometime in our lives, so we must return the love and kindness and support!
    Be careful on your drives!
    HUGS to you!
    Gentle pats to Dougy and Andy! 🙂

    • A lot of why I find Washington, DC such an abysmal mess is I don’t see much sensitivity to the least among us. By “least”, I mean those who can benefit from a little kindness, a reminder that they don’t have to have a $200,000,000 portfolio to matter in this world. The Golden Rule applied. That’s it.

      I do it because I can. My physical limitations mean I can’t do a lot of things I would like to do (climb a bluff, have a large garden…), but it doesn’t mean I can’t do something like drive someone to a doctor’s appointment in another town when they lack the means.

      I am a decent driver, though I am not really thrilled to drive at night on the road I drove yesterday: Lots of deer and other wildlife encounters! You just drive with a bit more attention to the sides of the road.

      I gave the boys lots of pats this morning! I even caught Andy off guard, snatched him up, and held him hostage on my lap till oetting him till he worked up an escape plan. When he started to wiggle a lot, I put him down, but it was a rare opportunity to remind him every time I hold him he won’t end up getting a bath. Ha!

  2. you don’t need to be stuck in the Dakotas without a truck to realize how much you need emotional support. It’s really the only thing that gets us through those tough moments. love your blog. love your cat, LMA

  3. That is a great cat fur photo 🙂 I’m glad to hear that you had the support of your family, church, and work friends when you really needed them the most. Sometimes it takes having something taken away from you for you to learn to appreciate it properly.

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