Post 395: ¡Cinco de Mayo!

Today is the fifth of May. ¡Cinco de Mayo!

Though I don’t live in a community where this holiday is observed in any major way, it is, nonetheless, increasingly popular as more of the state’s population comes from or has family ties to Mexico.

One of my great nieces was born on this day, so, even if I barely know any Spanish and hail from a long line of Northern Europeans, I like to think I can celebrate this holiday, too! Cinco de Mayo. A day of celebration.


!Tenga un feliz Cinco de Mayo! [Have a happy Cinco de Mayo!]

9 thoughts on “Post 395: ¡Cinco de Mayo!

    • Yesterday turned out to be my Independence Day, if not the Estados Unidos de México. After nearly 24 years of having increasing responsibility for my mother and father’s affairs, I finally cleared the last hurdle between responsibility to clean up the last details of my Mom’s estate and the return to doing things that I had to set aside for the duration.

      Though I was glad I could help them in their last years, it came at the cost of my health and ability to return to interests I enjoyed before my familial responsibilities kicked in. (Sounds kind of ungrateful, and I don’t mean it to sound that way.)

      • Had I been more savvy at the time my Dad was still living, I would have known what to discuss with him to make my tasks up through the last few days less stressful.”Would have, could have, should have”, eh!? It’s done is the main thing, and I feel like a happy survivor.

        Family’s coming in a month or so, and now I can look forward to enjoying the time we have together instead of stewing about ridiculous little details that satisfy bureaucrats in the state capital, but bring me only $33 dollars to distribute four ways, one share each for each of my siblings, and one for me.

        There is a Spanish curse along the lines of “may you be surrounded by a hundred lawyers”, and…! Ugh!

        I’d amend that to “may you be surrounded by a hundred bureaucrats demanding tiny changes with minimal results in work you submit to them.” Not as snappy, mind you, but more along the lines of my recent experience.

        A more specific curse: “May you be put on hold on the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services hotline.”

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