Post 396: fly times

I fell asleep with my bedroom television on. That attracted the flying beastie, which in turn attracted the boys for an early morning hunt. Fly times began for the 2014 season around 1:00 AM today.

It’s so cute when the cat brothers expend 30 calories for something that probably is less than one calorie in total food value. Of course, nutrition for the body isn’t the issue here. It’s about feeding the soul of a cat!

Yep, my boys were hunting a flying insect that managed to slip past the screen door.

"Look here, Fluffybutt! I'm going to rip that tail off!"

“Look here, Fluffybutt! I’m going to rip that tail off!”

Bang, crash, tip, run, chatter, pause and regroup. If the boys have snits with each other from time to time, there is one time they are unanimous in what to do: When there is a spider or insect loose in the house, they are a team!

Television in bed was out, with Andy and Dougy blocking the view and batting at the insect or anything that moved on the screen. I turned it off. It was close enough to “feed the kitties” time, so I did. Then I gave Andy his medicine after a spirited morning hunt of my own to trap this elusive cat.

[Mostly, the boys are BBF — “Best Buddies Forever”!]

The insect disappeared for a time. Andy settled into a nap. Dougy pestered me to play with three or four different toys. His adrenalin was still up from the fly hunt. I became Dougy’s chosen play partner till his prey found the lamp stand light and Dougy spotted his prey.

Whew! After nearly knocking the lamp over, Dougy finally trapped the flying insect and batted it around till it stopped moving. That was just about 4:50 AM. In fly times, time flies!

[This short video shows the technique the boys apply to an insect or spider once they trap it. Yep, bat it to death, then leave it.]

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