Post 559: apparition

I’ve waited all morning for a good time to catch Andy so I can give him his medicine. He, unfortunately, has my number, so stays one step ahead of “The Man”!

After staying away from me most of the morning, though, he hopped on top of my computer to see what was happening outside in the fir tree. I had a situation: should I catch him or take photos of him for my blog? Obviously, I chose the photos!

Andy forgets for a moment he is a wanted kitty. What's happening in the fir tree out the back window? Andy wants to know!

Andy forgets for a moment he is a wanted kitty. What’s happening in the fir tree out the back window? Andy wants to know!

He becomes aware of me. His horns reveal themselves, the sign of things to come.

He becomes aware of me. His horns reveal themselves, the sign of things to come.

Full horn display! Andy is alert and ready to respond to any nonsense copming his way. He will avoid medicine today!

Full horn display! Andy is alert and ready to respond to any nonsense coming his way. He will avoid medicine today!

Andy hopped off the computer. He’s on the chair he likes to sleep on by the table. If I can sneak up on him — not likely! — I can give him his medicine shortly! Who will win today? Cat? Or Man? Well, the wee rascal just walked over to me to get his face rubbed. The game score today stands at Andy with 5 points and me with 0.


UPDATE: At 12:10, the wary Andy succumbed to his hubris, was found sleeping on the computer desk shelf, was snatched up, was massaged and reassured he is a good boy, then was given his blood pressure medicine. After further reassurances and more shoulder massage, he was let down to his kitty treats.

16 thoughts on “Post 559: apparition

  1. Love that Andy profile, and just look at those eyes in the second photo.
    Opps the look in those eyes in the third photo says he knows what you are up to.
    Holy Moly it is a job getting his meds down him.
    Now you can rest up for tomorrow.

    • Persians have an odd profile, I think, because their foreheads look bulged out (it’s all hair!), but what sweet faces they have! Andy isool, but I’ve had better luck with him since I added the massages, ear scritching, and kitty treats to the process! (Today, he walked by me, I leaned over and picked him right up, and the whole process of giving him his medicine was oevr by 4 AM. I never know how it’s going to go, but I know I get one easy try a day, then he’s very wary, like you can see in the photos in this post!)

    • You aren’t kidding there! So far, he’;s mamanged to evade medicine time a few times, maybe two or three, but that’s less a problem now since he knows he gets a kitty treat after he takes his medicine. (Yeah, a good bribe works with Andy!)

  2. Excellent work finally getting him. I know when you end up chasing us…its then a game and is great exercise for us but you might as well try another time cause you’re not going to get us.

    (Shoko and Kali)))

    • Sometimes it’s a marathon; other times, it’s as simple as reaching down and picking him up. It’s mostly fun, though, unless I’m tring to organize a trip to the veterinarian’s or groomers, where we have a time schedule to meet.

    • The nice thing about the horns is they let me know he is on full alert, whatever the reason. Usually they say their pupils dilate when they reach a state of high interest, but, you’ll notice his pupils aren’t particularly changed from one photo to the next in the set, and none fully dilated. But…”The Horns” let me know catching him will continue to be hard!

    • You must have read this before I completed the job and added the rest of the story: At 12:10 PM, Andy made a critical mistake of taking a snooze on the compter desk shelf, where I snatched him up, took him to the “dosing chair”, then dosed him up. He was surprised and upset, but I gave him shoulder massages before and after the medicine, stroked his back and head while telling hiomn what a good boy he was (and he is!). He got his treats after all, which is a small reward for being cooperative. He’s napping on his favorite dining room chair now. As soon as I wash some dishes, it’ll be supper time for the boys, which will make him and Dougy happy!

        • He put me through the paces yesterday. Then, topday, he walked by my chair, I reached down and picked him up, and we had our little daily ritual over by 4 AM. He’s a good little guy, though. He may resist being caight, but once you catch him,. he takes a “well, you got me, I’ll just go along” attitude. I like the ritual. It keeps us both on our paws/toes, and, aside from the erp-tastinmg medicine, it’s Andy and my bonding time each day. He’s really quite sweet in the end!

          • I doubt I could get a pill down Andy in particular. So far, any medication he’s needed could be injected or prepared in liquid form. The liquid is easy enough to give since it’s in a small syringe, though I have to be careful he doesn’t turn his head at the last momennt. Occasionally he gets less than a full dose inside, as part squirts on his face when he turns his head. Presumably he eventually gets the benefiot since he cleans up, of course, but it’s not the best way to handle medicine! Dougy’s had injected medication, eyedrops, and medication in paste you mash into his food. He isn’t too thrilled with the eyedrops, though they are nowhere as difficult to administer as Andy’s syringe-fulls of blood pressure medication. Dougy’s easier to trap, too. (He’s a sucker for most capture tricks, unlike his very wary bro’!)

          • I am grateful neither Dougy nor Andy is inclined to claw, though Andy on two occasions in his 3 years, 3 months, and almost 3 weeks has bitten twice, once as a kitten, and a second time at the veterinarian’s recently. He has to be very upset (such as being chased 25 minutes before I caught him to take him to the veterinarian’s, frankly!) to be even a little aggressive. The business when he was a very little kitten was youthful indiscretion!

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