Post 566: last days of open doors

Andy and Dougy enjoy bird watching out the back and front doors. In good weather, I leave the doors open for their pleasure and convenience. Those days soon will draw to  seasonal close, so Andy and Dougy try to make good use of the remaining time.

Yummy birds outside; happy cat inside! Andy enjoys the scenery.

Yummy birds outside, happy cat inside! Andy enjoys the scenery.

"That's all." Andy enjoyed the scene, now it's time to plan his morning nap.

“That’s all.” Andy enjoyed the scene, but now it’s time to plan his morning nap.


I try not to overload people who read this blog with more than one blog a day, but I decided the kitty fix is the main reason most people stop by. I took the Andy photos today. It seemed a pity to hold off on posting them! Maybe I’ll make up for my extra blog today by skipping tomorrow.


28 thoughts on “Post 566: last days of open doors

  1. Like the rest of them I agree. Your wit and humour do give mom a chuckle and she really needs them some days. Your kitties are awesome and are a delight to the eyes. Of course, I can relate to them. Keep it up my friend.


        • How do you know they approve of the thoughts I put into their mouths…!? One benefit of being retired, I spend a major part of my time with the boys, and, as cats will, they expect a certain level of interaction to be good kitties. Dougy lets me know he’s upset by walking up to the settee and scratching it right in front of my eyes. He’s a real scamp that way! Andy sometimes nips me. Not enough to leave me bleeding on the floor, but just enough to bring a small amount of blood to the skin surface, sort of like those gizmos diabetics use to get blood, with a similar result only more punctures…! (I don’t piss Andy off if I can avoid it. He holds grduges. Dougy is more forgiving.)

          • Well i think you just proved my point. i work from home so like you get to know my cats quite well. When I quote them, It’s the way I truly believe they say it. Also the posts reflect their personality. For example Dust Bunny would never be in a poem. He’s not that kind of cat. Chub-Chub would never do anything with flowers, other than eat them or roll on top of them. I also believe cats have dreams. You can tell when they feel invincible like Superman or faster than the Flash. It’s just a matter of having fun with it. 🙂

          • I’ll win them over with wand toys and kitty treats! If that doesn’t work, I’ll find that one little spot they best like to have rubbed or scratched, then win them body and soul! (Andy and DOugy, as Persian cats, have a hard time getting satisfactory betyween-the-eye-rubs, so that’s their kryptonite.)

          • Should be able to handle that! Andy is iffy on belly rubs (since he associates it with cat play that ends in biting and lots of claws…!), but Dougy loves them. For some reason, too, though he likes to be bruished, DOugy especially likes to have the left side brushed more than the right side. Amazingly, his and Andy’s tails, though covered with long hair, are relatively tangle-free. and stay that way.

          • Oh no! STOP! You took me seriously! If you do those things to Tsuki or Saphie you’ll loose an arm! 😀
            Tsuki is the big orange one, long hair and 23 pounds of fury. He drags a forest in his tail. I have to wear heavy leather gloves when I brush him. Saphie is orange short hair (thank God) but 21 pounds. Actually Dust Bunny loves to be brushed. He goes into a purr/coma and would have you do i t for hours.
            I’m surprised your boys don’t get tangles. Their fur looks so thick. But it’s funny how some love brushing and some hate it with a passion. That’s even starting them from kittens. Doing the same routine on all of them. Funny.

          • Dougy has thick hair with a dense undercoat. Andy has a lighter coat. Though they still occasionally get tangles, their groomer does a super job of cutting their hair in a way that minimizes that problem. I know about those 23 pound ginger tabbies…! The late Louie weighed in at 23 pounds 12 ounces, a perfect size for someone trying to get used to the idea of cats being worthy small animals, based on size. By the time I got the boys, I’d come to appreciate cats, regardless of size. The boys weigh in at 10 pounds 5 ounces (Andy) and 10 pounds 12 ounces (Dougy), if I remember correctly, and it’s a perfect size for kitties for me!

          • Funny, on camera they look much heavier. All fur! I’m the groomer here. After watching how they do it, I bought all the “torture” device’s and have been doing it now for a dozen years or so. As I said, some love it and some I have to were gloves with.
            The big boys are all from the same mother we adopted many years ago and she was quite small. I’m guessing dad wasbig. All 4 are over 20 pounds and all gentle giants.

          • I take them in for check-ups twice a year, plus any necessary visits for shots or health issues that come up. Andy feels slender, but Dougy feels a bit plump. I always have their veterinarian assess their weight and whether, in his judgement, they are in acceptable range for age. So far, they pass muster. They look less plump after a haircut, of course, and the attached video from last May, shortly after they got a grooming shows them more as they’d look if they were short-haired cats.


          • Thanks! I guess they will seem big unloess I have something that helps define their scale a bit more. Maybe it’s because Louie was huge (the two of them don’t equal one Louie!), I don’t think of them as big. My sense of their size is they might be equivalent to a human male of six feet tall. Big, but not huge, small, but not petite.

        • I agree. A cousin who has a newspaper wanted me to write a coloumn, but it lasted only a short time because newspapers require adherence to deadlines and don’t allow videos to be attached to the article! Anyway, I use this as a retirement exercise for my brain. Fun is the reward for doing it. Of course, I enjoy posting photos and videos of my boys, who, afterall, get mention in the subjhead of this blog — “surviving retirement with two cats”.

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