Post 601: “A Really Cool Box”

A really cool box arrived by UPS yesterday, full of new dinnerware. It took nanoseconds for Andy to claim the box as “his”, well before I finished opening it! You know cats…!

[NOTE TO UPS: Since you delivered this to my neighbor’s house, perhaps 100 feet away, an 81-year-old man finished delivering this very heavy box to me. Catch that: an 81-year-old man! I was home and my front door was open.]

38 thoughts on “Post 601: “A Really Cool Box”

  1. Aww yes the wonderful magical box. Seems to be th enjoy of all kitties.
    I love ordering from Amazon as it is delivered directly to my post office box, or to the post office which puts a note in my po box that I have a package at the front desk waiting for me.

    • The boys love Amazon boxes. For the most part (this being one of the exceptions), packages get delivered to my door, sometimes just left at my door, but, at least, mostly convenient for me.

  2. i understand. i feel so funny too, when people 20 and 30 years older than me are carrying heavy packages..i have bronchitis, so i can’t go out from nov-april or may, but if i could i can’t sit down unless the chairs are cushioned/ fibromyalgia, so i am falling over like you, too…
    i had to write here, b/c my reply box won’t appear , unless i decrease the page to 37& & then i can’t see what i wrote. lol

    • It’s tedious, but it is my new normal, the state at which the disease (Wegener’s granulomatosis) left me. On the positive side, people I know through a support forum are in worse condition than I, and several are dead. Positive for me, anyway!

      While I’m thinking of it, I hope people reading this click on your WordPress link because your poetry is exceptionally, consistently good, and well worth the time to visit!
      It’s one of the top blogs I follow. Marc-Andre’s is another, with lots of cat photos and good humor! can be accessed by this link:

      I may as well go whole hog here and recommend another favorite, represented among the comments this blog brought out today: TvKapherr posts lots of cat photos because he has lots of cats…duh!.. but also has a couple others people should check out while they are visiting Catsatthebar.

      There are so many really excellent blogs to follow, and I only wish I had more time so I could follow more than I do. I try to recommend them as I think about them or the authors comment on one of my blogs, so their blog links are readily available! I found most of these blogs by randomly clicking on links posted on other blogs in the “follows” or “followed by” avatars on the right side of most blogs

  3. Ha parcel delivery companies. The same in all countries… I think the best I had was getting something delivered to work and they couldn’t be arsed to go to our building so they left it one road down from our office. It was when delivered to us by the office manager of that place… LOL

          • If there is a repeat of the situation I had with the dinnerware, I think a letter to the CEO of UPS is my next step.

            Stupid practices originate two places: middle management trying to please upper management without revealing the company-destructive practices implemented to achieve some phoney goal (“The CEO expects us to improve delivery times by 50% this quarter or we don’t get our bonuses…!””Well, we’ll just have to fudge the data to show that improvement because there is no way to do this without breaking the laws of God, man, or physics.” ), or upper management making a policy without consideration for its impact on the people having to carry it out (“Do it or else!”).

            I worked in a Fortune 500 company for nearly 36 years, so have some insight into how managers and management achieve impossible goals!

          • The last owners of the company I worked for (and now am happily retired from for nearly six years, amazingly enough) were very ethical at all levels. Among the earlier ones, though there were some major scandals and a few FTC eyebrows raised…! I liked that the large company that it was didn’t seem to bring out the worst behaviors I witnessed in my time there. Flawless? Of course not, but more than generous with the employees, right down to the newest hires.

  4. That’s typical, we have the same problem with deliverers. Sometimes there are notes in our postbox : the parcel could not be delivered, because nobody at home. But I was at home! I think they don’t want to wait until I go to the door. So I have to pick up the package at our local post office. And in addition our local post office has no parking place! Orrr….

    • UPS is very strict about how much time their drivers spend delivering. They actually penalize them if they take “too long”, by this theoretical expectation based on length of route and number of deliveries. They pay their people well, but they are unforgiving over things I can’t believe. (I know some of the UPS people…!)

      While I am very critical that the driver didn’t wait till I got to the door (I am somewhat disabled, and it takes some time to make the trip to the door), I somewhat understand why he or she did what they did.

      One really bad experience that could have been a costly one as well was when they delivered a new monitor (a $500 super monitor) when I wasn’t home. Instead of delivering it to a neighbor and leaving me a note, they stuck it behind the trash barrel! If it had been the day my trash is picked up, that monitor would have gone to the landfill or become some trash person’s new monitor.

      • that’s true i studied UPS in college. my ups guy says if he hears me coughing, he will leave it. they aren’t supposed to waste time looking for a doorbell, just knock.
        i’ve written amazon & ups many times once over 10 days to explain & please leave it. i’m here 24/7.every day there would be another stupid email, from a different department ..they sent all my groceries back to amazon , september 2 years ago.they come too early for me.i even checked the box for 2-5 & some silly person wrote me, they don’t have that 2-5, so why is it written on the form,they leave.

        • I had a problem where no matter what day of the week I ordered things, they always seemed to get delivered in the afternoon on Thursdays, the one time of the week I predictably will not be there because I volunteer at a local museum on Thursday afternoons.

          Frankly, I prefer not to have things delivered by UPS anymore because of tedious practices that must work for them but definitely aren’t convenient for me, the customer, as I like to remind them!

          It sounds like you’ve had your own variation of UPS nightmares. I’d be very, very unforgiving if an order got returned to the vendor because the UPS person didn’t stick around long enough for me to gimp my way to the door.

          As far as delivery times, they always say they’ll deliver my package between 9 AM and 3 PM. I make the effort to be here during that time, and they inevitable deliver later instead of sooner. Hell, I’m just the customer! My time doesn’t matter!

          • 9-3 .that’s a long time. they come at 9;30 am & now amazon uses p.o or ups & for last months, it’s the p.o.and there is no mail delivery here, so they take heavy boxes to my realtor’s condo & she brings them & she’s 73, but her 87 year old husband said dr. told her to carry heavy things

          • Isn’t that outrageous? So far, we still get mail delivery here, but the knotheads representing my state in Congress are notorious for voting to cut services, to hell with their constituents. Worst yet, they continue to get re-elected to office by outrageous margins, with final tallies at 70% of total ballots cast or more.

          • So far, it’s been limiting delivery or making people go to the post office or community mailboxes where a whole block’s mail if stuffed into locked, stacked boxes.

          • I see what you mean. Some days, I am very weak, and going to the grocery is a major chore. Sometimes, I have to ask for a chair to rest in while they tally up my bill. Other days, I manage well enough, then collapse once I get home. I felt wrong not helping the 81-year-old man by grabbing the package, but I didn’t have my cane with me when I opened the door to learn what had happened. I started toward him, but he said he’d bring it all the way. At that point, I was amenable, if a bit embarrassed for myself!

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