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    • Good advice! I do, in fact, do just that. Another thing I have to be careful of is sitting on my computer chair before I turn on the light. It’s black and the boys are black. Both love to sleep on my chair. I verify it’s empty before I sit!

  1. hahaha…I loved your cape thingie….”body by Prednisone”. After being on it quite a few times I can understand but with me it was more like, “cheeks stuffed by the local squirrel.” You get the idea.


    • “Moonface! — yeah, I know exactly what you mean! It actually is an over-sized t-shirt. I had it made on Zazzle. Though I had no intent to make money on Zazzle, just get cats on mugs, that sort of thing, the Prednisone t-shirt was one friends on Wegener’s granulomatosis support forum wanted. It consistently sells a lot of shirts. SOmeone’s buying it. My profits are given to the Vasculitis Foundation. Actually, I round it up to the next increment of $10, so they periodically get a nice little donation because of moonfaced people walking around in public in these shirts!

        • Me, too! Though I enjoy doing these – writing, adding photos, etc. – it’s nice to occasionally have one that takes fifteen minutes from start to publish. I’ve had some that took a whole morning to polish to that publish point.

          • I usually have four or five posts in the works at any given time. I work from the photograph backwards. It’s the image that will inspire me. For example the one I just posted. Floridaborne gave me the poem a while ago. It was only last night when I got the shot of a disheveled Dust Bunny that it came together. I’ll look at shot hundreds of times thinking “I really like it, but nothing is coming” then one day BAM, it hits me. Then there are those I don’t even have to look at the photo and I already have the post written in my head. 🙂

          • I’m never quite that prepared. If I have two ideas in the same, I probably will post twice in that day, so I try to avoid that! One thing I try to do is take a few photos of the boys or one of the other each day. Or make a video and hope it inspires a little story I can edit out of the raw footage. Mostly, I just try to have fun doing it. If I don’t feel inspiration on a given day, I don’t thrash myself for not posting something.

          • I think it might be a bit early, though I’ve picked up a couple newbies! Then, too, I only went back to October to update these categories because I saw it was sending messages out each time I updated the categories, something I’ve had one complaint about. Someone wanted to know how to avoid getting the updates every time I made changes, and there is no easy answer short of not getting any notifications of new or changed posts, as far as I can tell. Anyway, now I am self-conscious about these things because I know how many updates I have to delete a day from other blogs (and mine!) each day. It’s a major part of my computer day just dealing with than.

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