Post 1959: Caught you, Dougley!

Woo hoo! Didn’t blink, did you, big boy!?

Twice in a row! I just want to show your friends around the world the eye drops are helping your right eye heal. (Taken yesterday, January 9th.)

Post 1906: curiosity…

My laptop usually rests upright by the end table when I’m not using it. Today, it’d fallen over. That was just enough difference from the usual that Dougy had to check it out.

OK. The laptop makes a lousy sleeping platform, curiosity satisfied, so Dougy hops up on his ottoman, a proven favorite!.

Post 636: Dougy explains time…

Dougy’s second New Year holiday left him conscious of the inexorable passage of time. Why, when this video was shot, he was a solid year and a half old! Tempus fugit and all that…!

Hope you enjoyed this little rerun of one of my favorite videos of Dougy!

Post 442: cool morning after rain

Yesterday was blistering hot, not a typical June day here on the High Plains. More like July or August weather. Ugh! Last night, however, there was a lovely rain. The warning issued earlier in the day suggested the possibility of Armageddon with 2.5 inch (6.35cm) hailstones, lions (cats), and St. Bernards (dogs) pouring down on us. Yep, winds, hail, and mayhem.

I went to bed last night more concerned about the heat and how to sleep in it than any severe weather warning, but woke up oddly refreshed when Dougy came into my bedroom about 10 till five and put on his “get-outta-bed-and-feed-the-cats” dance. The rains came OK, which made sleep possible, but apparently not of the damaging magnitude predicted.

Andy hides out of reach -- time for medicine! (That's one of Dougy's eyes peeking back at me. Creepy, eh?!)

Andy hides out of reach — time for medicine! (That’s one of Dougy’s eyes peeking back at me. Creepy, eh?!)

I opened the back and front doors to a refreshing coolness that comes from a nice night rain. I hoped opening the door would help me trap Andy so I could give him his medicine, but he is very aware of what I do and have done to catch him in past.

Everything's still wet from the rain

Everything’s still wet from the rain

When I opened the front door, Dougy helped himself to a little adventure. He’s a little rascal!

Open door. Dougy makes the best of it, and walks out for a brief outing.

Open door. Dougy makes the best of it, and walks out for a brief outing.

Post 343: What Andy saw…

What captured Andy’s attention yesterday while monitoring the error check I had run on my computer? Why was he transfixed?

The error check screen, of course!

The error check screen, of course!

Andy thought the computer error check screen was fascinating. I made a video showing how file data flashed by, the sort of thing a cat is bound to get wrapped up watching! It’s short. I’m pleased with how it turned out. Take a look!

“Mrow!” Andy said, which I’m pretty sure means he wants you to see it. Dougy might pull your leg, but Andy is as somber as a Presbyterian. Watch it, please. Don’t make a kitty cry! Those big Persian eyes will rip your heart out when they fill with tears!

Andy thanks you!

Dougy vs. the newspaper

I never know what kind of show to expect from the boys. Today Dougy decided to take on a newspaper on the light stand by my chair. (“My chair” because neither cat likes to lounge in it…!)

Most newspapers I read are on the Internet, but I still get a “hard copy” of my cousin Sharon Wheelock’s weekly, the Grant County News. It is that newspaper Dougy shamelessly attacked. I’m glad it is an old issue, one I left there as a buffer to coffee and water drips when I put a mug or glass down on the stand.

The bad part about making cat videos is naughty behavior oftentimes is the best for video. So, when I should be encouraging Dougy or Andy to cool it, I’m grabbing my camera instead.

If people didn’t encourage me with positive comments on my videos, I wouldn’t make them. It’s your fault Dougy and Andy are naughty boys, then! Ha!