Post 680: Andy’s perch…

It must be great being small enough you can relax on the back of a recliner instead of in it. Andy finds this to be a perfect fit!a1

Best of all, he can watch me from over my shoulder. If I make a sudden move (that is, try to catch him…!), he can escape quickly and with a bound!

He may be small, but he’s a smart little fellow. He thinks things through.


30 thoughts on “Post 680: Andy’s perch…

    • Dougy’s about five ounces heavier than Andy, and is stockier in his build. Andy is slender and long. I agree on cat intelligence! (Having been outwitted a time or three…! LOL! 🙂 ) Oh, and I’d say Dougy is fluffier, too, since his coat is more dense than his brothers.


    • No kidding! If a cat can hop onto it, climb it, jump to it, it’s fair game! That makes life interesting when you hear things in the night and realize (after your heart stops pounding!) it’s just the cat trying to make a landing in the dark without his radar turned on!

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