Post 693: solar kitty…

Someone correctly identified cats as being “solar-powered”. 

Andy soaks in the sun.

Andy soaks in the sun.

Solar powered?  Can you have any doubts?

Solar-powered? Can you have any doubts?


24 thoughts on “Post 693: solar kitty…

      • Thew boys’ mother is a tabby who kind of brownish-red (tabby markings) and sand-colored (background). I can see her markings faintly showing in the boys’ black coats. Their father is Birman, white body with black points, face, legs, and tail. In some light, you can see this pattern in the boys’ coats, too. I think of them as black cats, but that is subject to change and the type and angle of the light striking their hair! :\

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    • The way he was running around after I took these two photos, I’d say he over-charged his batteries a bit! (He was yowling and scratching on the scratching post, followed by hopping into a box and playing pop-goes-the-weasel-with-a-touch-of-Bob-the-Builder (he “modified the box with his teeth…!) Any time the boys act like that, they need the other brother to come out and play or for me to get out the wand toys to discharge some energy. Of course, if neither the other brother or I gets involved, the wound-up kitty tears around the place making a horrific yowl guaranteed to curdle blood and scare off naughty terrorists. He’s resting now on top of his favorite blue carrier perch. I may try to catch him to give him his medicine since he may be worn out for the moment.

      [I did catch him and give him his medicine, but he was still too wound up. I had to wrap him in a towel to keep him immobilized so he didn’t struggle – this is a blood pressure medicine, so it seems counter productive to do anything that increases it, eh!?]

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