Bonne Fête Nationale à tous les Français!

A special greeting to my friend Ralph in Paris on this holiday and to my friend Michel in Amiens! Need I add a hearty and heartfelt vive la France!?


27 thoughts on “Bonne Fête Nationale à tous les Français!

  1. I am really touched by your intention,. Long life to the France-USa links
    The Marseillaise is beautifully sang . I heard it in this morning at the beginning of the celebration of July 14.
    In fruendhip

    • The one I posted is one of the most stirring ones I’ve ever heard. Of course, it is the Hector Berlioz arrangement, and he never did things in a little way!

  2. Tres bien 🙂 That is all I remember from 4 years of French in high school. Well, I remember a couple more words, but not a lot.

    • I can pick my way through French, but not very well. I certainly can’t write or speak it. Fortunately, I found the greeting already written out and just copied it for my heading.

    • Thanks! I had a mostly positive experience each time I visited France, and there is no doubt it is a beautiful country, has excellent wines and food, and lots of cultural treasures worth a visit. If I were better with languages, I’d love to live there.+

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