Post 823: OK…so I spoil ’em rotten!

They may be domestic kitty cats, but they maintain a wild side as well. Among their wild behaviors is “denning”. Kitties like to hide and seek safety in dens.

Snug as a bug...

ANDY: Snug as a bug… an over-turned wastepaper basket!

…in his over-turned wastepaper basket!

Andy especially likes this one, so I now have one less wastepaper basket and one more kitty den.

Oh well! It looks nicer than a cardboard box, and Andy proclaims it fit for a kitty.

32 thoughts on “Post 823: OK…so I spoil ’em rotten!

    • I have that situation, too! Andy is my clever one for opening cabinets. The one in my bathroom got opened so often that I kind of gacve up closing it. Both cats like to hide in there, but it is Andy’s primarily.

  1. I spoiled my dogs too. We needn’t worry about creating good citizens so there is no reason we shouldn’t spoil them. I do not know how many times I’ve seen something in the last couple of months for my dogs that I went to buy and then remembered there was no need. I never felt bad about spoiling them. I love movies as well and would much rather watch a great movie than watch regular tv programs. There are a few exceptions like the history channel, weather channel, animal planet and food channel. I love to learn new things and sometimes I just want to watch something mindlessly. However, I have my TV and computer in the same room and direction so I am “manning” both at the same time, lol. Spoil your furbabies, it makes you both happy.

    • It’s easy to spoil them because it’s hard to tell them why they can’t do something. LOL! (That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking with it….!) Having been a motion picture photographer in the US Army, I enjoy watching movies for the technical aspects, but I especially enjoy a movie with a good story. Films from the 1930s-1950s seem best for this purpose.

    • They get whatever they want, when they want it…! This morning, they decided it was time for kitty food at 1:30, so they ate a bit earlier than usual. I suspect I will take a nap later…!

    • I confess: I did check to see what movies were up for today! Fortunately (for me), none interested me. Besides, it wouldn’t do to have three days close together where I failed to post something. Actually, I posted twice today since this is a French holiday and I wanted to send greeting to two friends in France and make a regular post. By my reckoning, then, I am not two behind, just one!

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