Post 853: camera shy guy…

Dougy is hard to photograph. As soon as he sees the camera, he always runs off!

“Dang it, Dougy! Let me take just one nice photo of you!”
Dougy says “No!”

Good strategy, Dougy! But I don't care if the world finds out I didn't make my bed today. I got you in a photo, and that's what matters. Nyah!

“Good strategy, Dougy! But I don’t care if the world finds out I didn’t make my bed today. I got you in a photo, and that’s what matters. Nyah!”

I didn’t say it was a good photo of Dougy….! But I finally caught him on camera. Kind of.

12 thoughts on “Post 853: camera shy guy…

  1. Making my bed is futile behaviour with my female feline – she digs into my blankets and occupies my pillow – even goes so far to throw up furballs on blanket and pillow 🙁 So why make my bed?
    And Dougy – has he some favourite treat? Reward him any time you bring the camera – so he connects camera with treats. Then reward him for posing … Clicker training is a thing – and can help!

    • I’ve used treats with Andy to make giving him medicine less difficult and it works. I’d not thought about trying treats with Dougy to get photos. An interesting idea. I’ll try it out and see what happens!

  2. You reminded me I forgot tot make the bed also but to late-almost time for the Bald Dude to go lay down.
    Doug looks so gray in the first photo and it must be the light. Sometimes Ali looks red and gray. Black kitties are hard to get photos of and show their true color.

    • You are right about black cats and true colors. I think of them as black, but they have hints of red, grey, white, even tabby markings in their fur in some lighting conditions. For Dougy and Andy, think “Birman”. Their father was a Birman, and he,m of course, had the classic dark points of that cat. So, in some photos, their legs, heads, tails, tail end look darker than their backs. Their abdomens are a soft grey-looking color and their chests sometimes seem lighter in color than the rest of them, like they have a hint of white there. Very confusing!

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