Post 896: Andy’s been busy, too!

I seem to feature one kitty over another for a few days, then bury you in photos of the other one for a few more.

Well, it’s Andy’s turn now! He’s been very patient but now wants you to know he’s been busy, too!

On the look out for Dougy...! Don't want interruptions now!

On the look out for Dougy…!
Don’t want interruptions now!

Seems to be safe! Andy has important kitty business to take care of just now!

Seems to be safe!
Andy has important kitty business to take care of just now!

Andy does his morning exercises. He’s lookin’ good!

“Exercises done. It must be time for a little snack. But a good scritching would be wonderful just now, too!”

Of course Andy came over to my computer desk for that good scritching! Then he had himself a lovely kitty snack before he strolled off to take his morning nap.

It’s been a busy day for our dear Andrew!

50 thoughts on “Post 896: Andy’s been busy, too!

    • Actually, that is wexactly how Andy is, Michel! He’s a very deliberate kitty, very rarely breaking out into spontaneous behaviors. Dougy is much more a free spirit in that regard!

  1. Wow, Andy. You are one charming looking guy. Don’t get me wrong but Dougy has the more expressive face and I think Dougy and I have more in common. The look of absolute disdain has mom laughing just thinking of his face. MOL


    Shoko and mom

      • hahaha…There must be somewhere where you can have Dougy’s face. I just think of it and start laughing….hubby thinks I’m going crazy. You know I had the girls pose for a calendar online. That picture would be so perfect for a calendar. I didn’t save it and I should have. When I go for IV therapy, I will think of his face…hahaha…..sorry, his face popped into my mind. His face will give me a much needed laugh. Thanks for that Dougy and Doug.

        • I’m thinking about having poster-sized photos made up of that particular Dougy photo and an Andy photo where he’s in a box yawning. They’d look nice on the wall with the poster-sized photo of Louie the ginger cat as Captain Me-Ow, the one you see from time to time in the background of photos I post.

          If I do that, they will be available through zazzle. Short of that, though, I have no problem with you right-clicking on the image and saving it to your computer to print or view as you wish.

          • A poster sized Dougy with that face! hahaha…I don’t think I could handle it.
            I gather Capt. Me-ow is a former resident of your abode. What a catchy name? Mr. Ow or you could call me-me-me-me. haha This coming from a gal that had a Siamese cat named Boo…I must have sounded like an idiot out calling Boo Boo. Are you out here? Boo hahaah

          • Yes, Louie was the cat I had just before I got Andy and Dougy as kittens. He died August 1, 2011, and I got the boys the next month. Here’s a video featuring Louie. There are others, but this is my favorite.


            I still think I’ll go poster with that photo…! I’ll risk the OD of cuteness!

        • My pleasure! I never know how long my posts will be. Some days, one photo and a caption serve the purpose. Other days, I get verbose and put together something more substantial. I try to keep them brief mostly, though, because I recognize people have lives outside of the Internet.

          • Please understand that we are living vicariously through the likes of you with 2-5 cats, a garden.. sigh!! Ty for the follow! More pics #simonscat! Are you on Twitter? @johnny20201

          • No, I’m not on twitter. I had a twitter account once, but found the format too restrictive. I don’t have a garden, unfdortuantely. I had a lovely one before I moved to where I am now, but the place where I live now has lousy soil and yard nazis who have a habit of mowing down herb gardens with a weed whacker because: 1. they don’t know an herb from a weed, and 2. in their ignorance, they aren’t curious about learning. I’ve given up in soil gardening, and am trying to convince myself potted or raised bed gardening would be any better where I am.


          • I hope I removed the one you wanted removed…! Anyway, I”m also on facebook, and there is a link to my page in the right hand, at the top.

            (Incidentally, don’t worry if your comments aren’t letter perfect! I am more than willing to make correction s in typographical errors or other changes for anyone who hits “send” before all issues are resolved. I do wish WordPress would make it possible top edit one’s posted remarks. They keep making changes that don’t make life easier, so it’d be wonderful if they’d make that change to make things easier for people like me who always sees the mistakes after the comment’s posted! LOL!)

          • I train and teach. I had a stalker on Facebook 🙁 4 years of hard work …
            Thank you so much. I wanted to tweet pics of your cats to Purina ans Simonscat! Wish I could start a #catcafe!

          • Put your cursor on any photo you like, and right click on it. A pop-up menu box offers you several options. click on “save image as”, and you can save it to your computer. I have no problem with people copyoing and using my photos, though it is nice if they give me credit for the image. “Photo by D. Thomas” or “Photo by weggieboy” is adequate acknowledgment. Give it a try as see if this works for you!)

            I’ve known others who had stalker problems on Facebook, so I understand you might prefer never to use that medium now or in future!

          • I will download all pics and start posting tomorrow. Please comment. You have experience in herb gardening and now there is a huge market for windowsill gardening ( $81million dollar biz #pottedpalnts #miraclegro)
            I am looking for posts regarding aquaponics+ naughty cats!! 🙂

          • Herb gardening is simple enough to do, and requires no special skills other than paying attention of the basic requirements of each plant. the woody ones (oregano, for example) are Mediterranean in origin, and like drier growing conditions than basil and other soft herbs, which requirte more watering. Good soil preparation always makes the garden, and that entails digging in lots of organic material to help build up the productivity of the soil, to help with drainage, and to assure adequate plant nutrition. I’m no expert in these matters, and always followed instructions in Organic Gardening magazine, a good source of information on earth-friendly gardening that avoids chemicals for insect control in most cases and results in soil that is easy to till with nothing more than a garden fork. I’ve never done anything with aquaponics, but would find that interesting, too. Naughty cats? Stay tuned! Andy and Dougy are always prepared to get in trouble!

          • My majors in college were journalism, English, and advertising copywriting. I was a motion picture photographer in the US Army for three years after that. All of these experiences are reflected in what I do here, though they also mean I have no excuse for anything but perfection. LOL!

          • I love your enthusiasm! I am familiar with both those gentlemen’s work, and subscribe to their videos. I don’t watch all of pewdiepie’s videos because I’m not that interested in video games, but I watch Simon’s cat videos all the way through and share them! Yeah, it would be nice to have their following, but my work is much more modest, I think.

          • I wish I could take in shelter cats, make vids and raise money for them and war vets, You have copy and production skills. As a data analyst I KNOW that it sets you a part. Hope to see you soon. Also I would love your support via comments on my posts and via sharing w/pals. Thank you for you lovely insight.

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