Post 895: …and, finally, Dougy had relief!

One last photo completes yesterday’s paparazzo encounter. Dougy, finally, had relief from all the flashes!

"Woohoo!" Dougy is glad it's over!

“Woo hoo!”
Dougy is glad it’s over!

16 thoughts on “Post 895: …and, finally, Dougy had relief!

    • I liked it so much, I plasetered it all over places I show up on the Internet. Eventually, I’ll probably replace the photo on the Dougy business card with that photo. The current one is Dougy in a box, but this new one is even more fun!

  1. hahaha….good one Doug! How did you manage to get him with his mouth open? These two close their mouths and eyes whenever I come around with the camera. You can just hear him…”Bloody near time you finished!”


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