Post 968: Dougy’s fine day…

Once in a long time, I can catch Dougy in a cooperative mood to be photographed. Today was such a day, so I took as many photos of the little darling as I could before he remembered he doesn’t like being photographed. Some even turned out pretty decent!

A formal view of the Douglas.

A formal view of Douglas.

Dougy's "Tough Kitty" pose ~  don't you believe it!

Dougy’s “Tough Kitty” pose ~
don’t you believe it!

Dougy in deep thought....

Dougy in deep thought….

Another view of Dougy in deep thought.

Another view of Dougy in deep thought.

How about those goofy hairs?!  Dougy's face, gone wild.

How about those goofy hairs?! What happens when you think too hard?
Dougy’s face, gone wild.

22 thoughts on “Post 968: Dougy’s fine day…

  1. I always hated flash myself, I’m on Dougy’s side. Just the same I’m so glad you got these good shots. I can’t choose between the tough guy and the meditating Buddha looks. I guess he’s just always gorgeous.

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