Post 991: “A Cat’s Tail…”

I thought this video was deleted or missing from my YouTube playlist or I would have posted it again with the message from Smilla and Luke, children of my friend Nicole. They were the inspiration for the video, which features the late Louie the ginger cat.

As you now know, this is a children’s story, but there is a serious message for all people: “Be a good kitty!”

I have no doubt that Luke and Smilla are well-behaved and respectful children after watching this video…. LOL!

11 thoughts on “Post 991: “A Cat’s Tail…”

  1. What a great video of a great cat. His markings remind me of Benji; only Benji’s are beige and gray. Bo, one of my first dog crew members died of lymphoma. It is hard to lose them that way.

    • When I was looking for a cat at the shelter, I thought Louie was the prettiest cat I’d even seen.Not only was he a beautiful ginger cat, he had really pretty markings. I thought his head markings were very attractive. I was shocked when he died because he wasn’t that old a cat and, like cats, didn’t show that he was seriously ill until the very last hours of his life.

    • Louie was a shelter cat, so had experience outside defending himself. The bite incident reminded me of the dangers just letting him out posed, and I got in the habit of walking with him on his strolls. It was an interesting experience, to say the least! He took me places I wouldn’t go on my own for fear of police coming to visit me. Ha!

    • Thanks! Yes, he was a beautiful cat, and a very lovable one. I had to make sure I had a pillow on my lap, however, when in a chair because he had a habit of hopping on one’s lap. As big as he was…yow! He landed hard!

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