Post 995: Andy’s on the computer, too….

Andy is my regular visitor when I’m on the computer. In fact, he usually is on the computer, too.

Andy's on the computer, too!

Andy watches me while I work and play!

Not to put too much a worry on it but my blog’s been a bit thin lately because I’ve not felt well. I feel a bit better today, if not peppy, and hope I can get figure out something I can eat that agrees with me.


29 thoughts on “Post 995: Andy’s on the computer, too….

    • Thanks! I am doing better today, though I’m weak as heck. I was able to get some toast and juice down. That helped.You are right about cats. Dougy in particular is solicitous when I’m not feeling well. He’ll hop on my bed and knead me, for example, and generally just be a sweetie about things.I like goat milk warmed up. The first time I had it was in Greece. I didn’t know what it was (other than milk), but it was delicious. I probably would have rejected it at the time if I knew what it was. I guess the lesson there is try it!

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