Post 996: grass…

The boys have different takes on the purpose of grass, but both like it in his particular way.


11 thoughts on “Post 996: grass…

    • I get a lot of fun out of making those. I was a motion picture photographer in the US Army for three years, and this is as close to using those skills as I get.

  1. hahaloojks familiar but we no longer have grass in the house. Shoko drags it all over the house, If she can’t drag it all over the house, she lets it grow til its tough and then nobody wants it. They usually use the grass outside under the eves when the snow has quit for awhile. The snow is too high and powdery for her right now.

    • I know how that goes. Andy never uses it up before it gets dried out. Seems like it doesn’t last that long. I’ve tried bringing in lawn grass, thinking it grows like weeds outside, but it isn’t much better insides.

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