Post 997: danger for kitties…

Andy is fascinated by shiny clear materials. Note that he ignores a bag of kitty food on the floor to explore the bread bag barely hanging over the edge of the counter. 

Silly kitty! (Yes, I have to make sure this sort of temptation isn’t snaring Andy. I’ve had to pull this sort of thing from his mouth before, and, yes, it could be a mortal danger to him.)

13 thoughts on “Post 997: danger for kitties…

    • I’m not sure what the attraction is: crinkly sound? Or it;s just facinating to a cat. (You came up with great cat names, i think!) Sorry for the long delay in answering. I’ve been hospitalized and in therapy for two months.)

  1. Hello Everyone, I am writing this. To give you an update on my Uncle Doug. He will be offline for a little due to being in the hospital. Will update as I can. Any questions please message. Thank you

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