Post 997: danger for kitties…

Andy is fascinated by shiny clear materials. Note that he ignores a bag of kitty food on the floor to explore the bread bag barely hanging over the edge of the counter. 

Silly kitty! (Yes, I have to make sure this sort of temptation isn’t snaring Andy. I’ve had to pull this sort of thing from his mouth before, and, yes, it could be a mortal danger to him.)


10 thoughts on “Post 997: danger for kitties…

    • I’m not sure what the attraction is: crinkly sound? Or it;s just facinating to a cat. (You came up with great cat names, i think!) Sorry for the long delay in answering. I’ve been hospitalized and in therapy for two months.)

        • Spoken like a true disciplinarian! There is a guy on YouTube (Utahactor and some other user name I forget) who has four beautiful ginger cats that are extremely well trained.I watch his videos and think he must eat, live kitty cat to have such good control of them. Two are intact males (on top of it!), yet he has trained them well.

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