Post 1048: Computers! If I had a hammer handy I could fix mine.

I futzed around on my PC this morning and failed to get it to work. The mouse works. The keyboard doesn’t. I started the week with the f drive not working. That’s the one that reads the SD card that my digital camera stores photos and videos to.

A trip to Scottsbluff resulted in news that the f drive was unrepairable because of advances in technology [writing that, he scoffed] that made that obsolete. Never mind, though, because there is a plug-in adapter that works! I managed to post Post 1048 with some of the photos, but not the cute ones of the turtle on the road and the kitties greeting me when I came home, all in videos form!

Well, well, well! Dougy finally showed up. Guess who knocked over the wastepaper basket. This is trash day, Dougy. It's empty!

The other day, Dougy was upset because I yelled at him for knocking over the wastepaper basket. Today, it was my time to be upset.

Of course, one fix accompanies another problem: The Microsoft Movie Maker no longer works, I accidentally left the video option on my digital camera on so my Smith Lake trip ends with the road construction scene, and the alternative to screen print from the videos is thwarted because the new version of Microsoft Paint doesn’t seem to allow one to screen print and convert the image to a JPEG file one can treat as a photo.

I work at being a positive person. Computers, however, tap into the darkest regions of my soul.

41 thoughts on “Post 1048: Computers! If I had a hammer handy I could fix mine.

  1. Oh AMEN. My lively hood used to depend entirely on my computer (Bookkeeping & Taxes) and with every crash…I loose something. I gotta love/hate thing going with mine. In fact this one doesn’t even have a name! ~~dru~~

    • I got mine only after I retired because I thought it would be a good entertainment and a way to keep track of things. What I learned was it is a necessity, but it is like a boat: a money pit! I toy with the idea of going off line, then I wake up to the reality that I am hooked and dependent on the dang thing now. “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”!

    • I hope not, though that could be the case. I can afford a new one, fortunately, though I would prefer not to spend that much more money after replacing my washer/dryer and my car in the last few weeks.

      • Yes, you seem to be on a buying jag. I am debating buying a new or shall I say different house or renovate this one. After looking through homes in this area online, I’m swaying toward renovating. The one problem with this house…that really bothers me is, this house gets very little sunshine and I love plants and flowing plants. I got a Peace Lily several years ago, it was flowering at the time. Well, it hasn’t flowered again since I bought it….just too shady in here. A sky light would help a lot…maybe two….no, that would look silly. One would be enough.

        Jean and Shoks

  2. It sure sounds like you’re getting to the ball peen hammer stage of your computer ownership! Best of luck; as computer illiterate as I am – I’m no help!

  3. My tech just called to say my new laptop was in. There are still things which won’t run on a Mac and I am sending lots of data to Apple on bugs in the El cap version of OSX so I was forced to get ±Win 10 on the new laptop. I always say I should get a big wad of stock options from Microsoft for all the Beta testing ±I’ve done as a consumer over the years. Sympathies and glad to see some pics anyway

  4. If you need to get a new computer, perhaps you could get something like a Kindle Fire – a friend did that and said it was economical, yet did everything she wanted, which is mainly email and reading ebooks. There is a built-in camera, which would be handy, but I’m not sure I’d like a touch screen.

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