Post 1062: A slow Caturday morning…

Dougy decides to sun and clean on the cat lounger.

Breakfast done, Dougy decides to sun and clean on the cat lounger.

Mmmm! Sun!

Mmmm! Sun!

Andy decides cleaning up by me makes sense while Dougy's in the room!

Andy’d rather clean up by me. 

Cleaned up, Andy chooses to watch me from the computer. It's a favorite spot for this kitty.

Cleaned up, Andy chooses to watch me from the computer.
It’s a favorite spot for this kitty.

34 thoughts on “Post 1062: A slow Caturday morning…

    • It takes a good effort to do that! Is Ali that difficult to get with her eyes open? You always seem to get really good shots of her, but I know how hard black cats can be to photograph.

        • Best wishes on conquering cancer, Susan. Having the goal of a kitty can help! I know a serious illness where radiation or chemo drugs are involved can leave you immune system seriously depleted. When I retired and decided to get a cat, I asked my doctor first if he felt my immune system was compromised still because one of the drugs used to treat Wegener’s granulomatosis is Cytoxan, a chemotherapy drug. After he gave me the OK, I got Freckles the gray tabby, then Louie the ginger cat and

    • I used to think his tail was nicer than Dougy’s, but I’ve come to appreciate them both equally. When I pet either cat, I always run their tails through my hand. They like it, and the tails feel nice in my hand, too.

      • M has a fine tail, but nothing like what your boys have. Purr’s tail is only impressive when she is confronted with a squirrel. (This would be amusing if they didn’t terrify her.)

        • The boys have the advantage of being Persian cats. When they are trimmed, the groomer leaves the tails alone, so they look fuller than when the boys need to be groomed.

          • I had a wonderful cat – Louie! – just like that. I regretted only one thing about him when I had him, that I didn’t have him from kittenhood. I regret, too, that he died only 22 months after I got him from the animal shelter.

          • That is sad! Mr. M was living feral in a neighborhood family members moved into. It took a while (couple years) to gain his trust and even longer to convince him to move in.

          • I remember you saying he was feral. Personally, I think that says a really good thing about you that a feral kitty decided to trust you! That makes him a very special kitty, then, too.

          • I think that’s the best way tp go, too. Though I went to the places where my future kitties were, I didn’t chose the kittens and cat, but they were the ones that came to me. Andy was a strange looking little guy, you know, so ugly he was cute, but he turned out to be a very sweet little guy that grew into a beautiful cat. Dougy was cute from the start. Poor little Freckles was a beautiful kitten, and Louie was the most handsome ginger cat I’d ever seen. All turned out to be wonderful companions, thanks to letting them select me rather than the other way around.

          • I’m so glad to know we’re not the only ones that wait to be chosen. Seems like most people decide what they want their future pet to LOOK like, then set out to find it. Looks change over time, character, not so much.

          • I have the impression that animals are much wiser in their choices than we humans are … for certain, we don’t seem very smart about how we get along with other humans, who come from different backgrounds… I simply can not understand why humans seem to look for differences to nit-pick first, instead of look for similarities to build an understanding on.

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