Post 1433: Andy has proper kitty manners…


If you know cats, you know no cat stares directly at another cat or there’s a brouhaha!

Andy wanted my attention, but he also wanted to be polite about it. Nicely done kitty boy! Nicely done! (Notice the first and second photo from the top on the right – Andy sneaks a sideways glance at me! LOL!) 

Post 1419: Caturday is for…


…hanging out with our human!


Andy concurs!


Of course, when the birds pop up outside the window, all bets are off!

Post 1390: Caturday is planned…

IMG_20170512_161235 (1)

“What you doing today, Dougy?”

IMG_20170512_162440 (1)

“Oh yeah! Of course!”

Post 1384: Caturday hijinks….

“Dang! Too thin to cornrow…!”
Andy practices braiding on Doug’s hair, such as it is.

Dang cat! Andy continues to be fascinated with my head. I’d be OK with it if he’d keep those claws in.

Post 1343: Caturday ~ What Dougy needs is a good “scritching”!

Caturday generally is a slow moving day, as if we move fast around here any day. One thing we do do, though, is make sure the kitty boys are spoiled rotten and get plenty of “scritching”!


Dougy says “Purr!”

Post 1294: “Whadda ya think I’m doin’ on Caturday!?”

Here it is, Caturday again! Dougy’s awake…barely, and Andy’s off somewhere trying to get kitty medicine taste out of his mouth. (Yes, I caught him early! Hee! Hee!)


Post 1287: Caturday at the movies…

Kitty food time was  hit, but the kitty boys whined afterwards till I put a video for cats on the laptop. I didn’t know if they’d let me have it for bloggery, but they finally got tired of squirrels and birds. Whew!


Post 1279: Woo hoo! Caturday comes with a new toy!

Andy and Dougy are bored with most of their toys. Meh! So I ordered a new one. Woo hoo! The boys love, love, love it!


Post 1272: so Dress Up Your Pet Day lands on Caturday this year…

Andy and Dougy would not enjoy the dress up part, but Caturday is the best of times from their stand point: I’m usually home most of the day, and they get to use me to their fuzzy heart’s content!


This photo comes from The Top Ten of Anything and Everything, which can be pulled up at this link: . 171cd123-d65a-4115-b3fd-8fd3f6df6b17

Post 1265: Caturday with Andy…

Andy had his medicine right away this morning because I caught him asleep on the dresser in my bedroom. He protested, of course, but took it down like the good kitty he is. Then he ran off and hid from me.

Later, though, he came over to the recliner, which I managed to claim before either kitty got in it, and couldn’t get enough loving from me!


Better pull your tail under the bed, too, Andy! LOL! I see you!

Better pull your tail under the bed, too, Andy! LOL! I see you!

Andy does this all the time. He runs under the bed to get away from me, but leaves his tail hanging out in the open!

Of course, Andy is a sweet-natured kitty who loves loving, too. When I managed to get to use the recliner before either Andy or Dougy claimed it first, Andy hopped up on the recliner arm for a major “scritching”, nestled in the crook of my arm.   

After all that attention, he was satisfied to roost on the back of the recliner! img_20170107_061520

Happy Caturday, everyone!