Post 1487: pre-eclipse Caturday

Andy likes to perch here. When the total eclipse occurs on the 21st, what will be his reaction?

The best sources suggest he and Dougy will think it’s night and will have a midday nap! 

I will be outside observing it so may never know what the kitty boys are doing, in fact, but “taking a nap” probably covers it pretty well!

I’ll leave the walker by the open front door because Dougy likes to perch there. Who knows? Maybe they will enjoy the sudden drop in temperature, too, being fuzzballs!


Post 1473: Caturday? Didn’t you call yesterday Caturday?

Yes, but maybe it was because Andy was relaxing in the window…

…or Dougy was cooling it in the doorway to the bathroom. You know, so you have to step over him in an “emergency”! 

It just felt like Caturday to me.


Busted! I thought it was Caturday yesterday, then looked at the digital calendar on the front room wall after I posted  yesterday’s (Furday’s) post proclaiming it was today. Oops! 

Post 1472: Scaredy Caturday…


Andy’s hiding under the computer desk…because he knows I want to work on mats!


He’s plotting his escape. It’s scaredy Caturday!


Dougy’s just working on being scary. Wooooo! Halloween came early this year.

Post 1466: Andy wonders where Dougy is…NOT!

Andy’s looking around. He knows Dougy’s on the prowl for something, maybe a kitty fight! 

Andy hears a commotion in the other room. Oh! Dougy’s not looking for a fight. He’s in the dining area looking for a way to get in trouble!


That’s just like Dougy, thinks Andy. 

All the better to get all the “scritching”. Dougy will have to just suck eggs if he thinks he’s getting all the attention! Andy is pleased.









Post 1446: What? No peacock feather play for you today?

Dougy is a bit upset with me for combing out mats on his legs. He doesn’t even perk up when I say “Woof! Woof!” to him, the kitty boys’ and my “in joke”. (“Everyone knows we are kitty boys,” they meow back! “Aw, you make us ‘meow’ when you ‘woof’ at us!”)

So I poke the shaft end of the feather into his ruff. Neither he nor Andy can resist that end of the feather! RAWR! I think it’s a favorite because they can snag it more easily than the other end, and it has a satisfying crunch when a kitty bites on it!

That’s the spirit, Dougy! Get your kitty on! All’s well in Kittylandia again, the dematting ‘incident’ forgiven, maybe forgotten!

Now, where’s that other little rascal? He can use a dematting, too. “AN-DDDDDDY…! Here, boy! I have a big surprise for you!” (Where is that kitty boy…?)

The chase is on.

Post 1433: Andy has proper kitty manners…


If you know cats, you know no cat stares directly at another cat or there’s a brouhaha!

Andy wanted my attention, but he also wanted to be polite about it. Nicely done kitty boy! Nicely done! (Notice the first and second photo from the top on the right – Andy sneaks a sideways glance at me! LOL!) 

Post 1419: Caturday is for…


…hanging out with our human!


Andy concurs!


Of course, when the birds pop up outside the window, all bets are off!

Post 1390: Caturday is planned…

IMG_20170512_161235 (1)

“What you doing today, Dougy?”

IMG_20170512_162440 (1)

“Oh yeah! Of course!”

Post 1384: Caturday hijinks….

“Dang! Too thin to cornrow…!”
Andy practices braiding on Doug’s hair, such as it is.

Dang cat! Andy continues to be fascinated with my head. I’d be OK with it if he’d keep those claws in.