Post 1756: Hee! Hee! That’s a big meatball!

Dougy is aware of his fluffy butt…but prefers you aren’t!


Post 1707: when they were kittens…

Andy at one month, four days. No wonder I said “Yes, I’d like to take him home when he’s ready to leave his mommy!”

andy at 8 weeks

Andy’s first day at home with me. 

dougy at three months

Dougy’s favorite place when he was a kitten. He’s three months old here.

Of course, you know the top photo of the kitty brothers at about three and a half months old, perhaps the other two, with Andy always on the left.

A few days ago, it was siblings day on Facebook. That was the inspiration for this Caturday post. Andy and Dougy are linked by genetics and the good fortune to be adopted by someone – me! – who wanted the two to be together once they left their mother.

Post 1658: Caturday is for relaxing with a good movie!

Andy begs me to show him videos. It’s simple, fun, easy entertainment for Caturday, so why not?

He does get a bit wound up!

Post 1637: …so it’s Caturday again!


Dougy plans on eating, taking naps, chasing Andy, and kneading Doug’s (the human’s) arm, and little else today. It’s Caturday!


Andy probably will do pretty much the same thing, but first he’ll take a nap.

Point 1630: wand toy play in the PM…


Dougy’s in the mood today! The new wand toy’s caught his attention, and he tries it out in a new place today – the box by the flamingo tub.

He likes it because he can hide “The Magnificent Paw of Total Capture and No Hope Forever Till Death” under the box flap. You know, the prey sees the pussy cat, but not the paw that is it’s doom! Clever kitty boy!


Andy’s playing on the computer desk, trying to remove the memory stick off the PC and other mischief. He’s a bit aware of Dougy playing across the way….


Dougy moved over to the scratcher…


…and Andy watched till Dougy ran off… 


…giving Andy a chance to play with the new wand toy, too!


The play went to the floor, where Andy lost track of the wand toy “bug”. “Where’s the bug?!” Andy is confused.


Hee! Hee! It’s on Andy’s back!

Post 1602: Andy just wants to bird!

Andy got there first. Then…

…the two Dougs butt in. “Can’t a cat watch birds in peace?!” Andy pouts.


“Good! Dougy ran off to get a drink. One down, one to go.”

[After I used my smart phone to make a call, I left. Dougy took a nap. Andy was happy again!]

Post 1588: Whaaat!? Today’s Caturday. Bug off!


I tried to get Dougy involved in this blog post…


…even pointing out the resident lamp stand spider was within paw range. (Notice she’s a blur: She may be a young spider, but she knows about kitty boys. Yep, she does the “spidey” skidaddle eight step when she sees a kitty!)


So I “scritch” Dougy and call his name. “See the spider, Douglas?!”

 “Whaaat!?” he asks with some agitation, “Today’s Caturday. Bug off!”

Post 1581: Andy sees you!

Andy may look like he’s resting (well, he is)…

…but he sees you! [~wink!~]

Happy Caturday!

Post 1551: curious about my leg…

Dougy seemed interested in my leg, sniffing, licking it. What curious behavior!


That moment when Dougy realized I’m made of meat! 

Post 1544: G-mail observes Caturday…and does nothing!

G-mail is slow, slow, stopped today for some reason. I am waiting for photos to show up in my g-mail in box, but only one has. If the photos show up while I am at dialysis, I’ll post what I planned for today, today.