Post 1074: André the cat…or is that André the Olympian?

Remember the three cats that flew to Paris? Well, they’re back in America and my friend Deborah shared this about André, her kitty that performs feats of  athleticism worthy of an Olympic athlete! Of Deborah’s cats’ activities she notes:

We just had a whole-house cat chase.  These days, that only happens when I serve something that hits the spot with all three.  It’s my way of knowing it was appreciated.  It’s their way of communal rejoicing.
Charles the cat

Charles the cat, victim of the stained glass window incident…. Aw! Poor kitty!

How about André?

Other than that, André nearly killed Charles and me last night by knocking a stained glass window on us.  How? Only André can answer that.  He spends a lot of his spare time in deep thought about all the possibilities for disorder.  His father was also a devil cat.  Very clever with their paws.  He likes high places and the out of the ordinary spot.

Where's the kitty?

Where’s the kitty?

André is a very active Bombay kitty!

André is a very active Bombay kitty! (Is that redundant?)

What can I say!? If it were a box, we'd laugh and say, "Well, you know cats and boxes!" Same principle.

What can I say!? If it were a box, we’d laugh and say, “Well, you know cats and boxes!” Same principle.

You might guess André would "rest" up there!

You might guess André “rests” up there!

Thank you, Deborah, for sharing this update. As you might guess, I am a fan of black cats, and am delighted to know mine aren’t the only “devil cats”! 

18 thoughts on “Post 1074: André the cat…or is that André the Olympian?

  1. That is a busy kitty. I love black cats too, we have 3 and our beloved Spooky left us in April. Did you see on Cat Wisdom 101, Layla is trying to get a book published filled with stories of black cats to help promote them as they are always last to be adopted in shelters?

  2. Oh Doug, they don’t have to be black to be devils! Thanx to Deborah for her pictures of Cat…Astrophies; I especially like…”Black Cat Soup”. I can relate more than I should have to. ~~dru~~

  3. Your sweet two angels? How can you call them “devil cats”? 😉
    Was awaken by my two furry angels last night, when I had just found sleep. Was not surplussed … how come? Don’t know, might have had a grumpy cat moment 😉

    • Ha! Ha! I guess their publicity man let you believe they only behave! No, they totally ruined my computer chair using it to scratch even though there are ample scratching posts throughout the house for that purpose. Dougy single-handedly ruined the settee that used to be below the photo of Captain Me-Ow (Louie the ginger cat in super hero garb). And more…!

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