Post 1075: Happy Birthday, Andy & Dougy!

It’s here! The kitty boys have a birthday today! You can read the whole story of how I acquired the kitty brothers, written at the time I got them, by clicking on “Andy and Dougy come Home”, just above the post headline, but today is what we celebrate. Andy and Dougy are five years old today, and doing fine!

Andy was so ugly he was cute!

Andy was so ugly he was cute! (This was my first look at Andy, age six weeks.) He grew up to be a beauty, as did Dougy. 

Of course, you can see how cute Andy and Dougy were at three months by looking at the top of this blog. By then, I was totally in love with them!


“Peek-a-boo!” Through the years, the kitty boys have amused me, brought joy into my life! Notice his “horns” are up!

Dougy has the same idea, but wants the same carrier as Andy. He could have the bottom one, but that's not the one Andy has. Cat logic!

Sometimes they have disagreements (Andy’s in the top carrier, where Dougy decided he wanted to be. Of course!)

"#&^@%#(^&!, Andy! I was here first!" "#&^@%#(^&!, you, too, Dougy!"

“#&^@%#(^&!, Andy! I was here first!”
“#&^@%#(^&!, you, too, Dougy!”

But mostly they just get along. Sometimes in activities that are naughty kitty territory!

Andy isn't sure if he wants to get involved or not. "C'mon, Andy! You're the one that knows how to open drawers!" says Dougy.

Andy isn’t sure if he wants to get involved or not.
“C’mon, Andy! You’re the one that knows how to open drawers!” says Dougy.

Of course, birthday or not, the boys will do what the boys always do! Andy washes up and Dougy checks out the fir for birds.

Of course, birthday or not, the boys will do what the boys always do!
Andy washes up and Dougy checks out the fir for birds.

We aren’t making a big deal of the birthday. Earlier, Andy and I fell asleep in front of the television. No idea where Dougy was, but most likely he was sleeping in the guest bedroom. Later, both cats followed me to the bathroom, a routine all cat people understand and endure….. Then Dougy and I played with the Neko BirBug toy while Andy enjoyed the heat of the lamp on the end table. Yes, on this big day, everything is just fine and normal!

69 thoughts on “Post 1075: Happy Birthday, Andy & Dougy!

  1. I grew up with Siamese cats, but can’t have cats due one of my son’s allergies. I just had to follow your blog after visiting several times, your cats are gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing them!!

  2. I don’t know what I’d do if I was actually alone in the bathroom. I’m just used to one staring at me from the sink counter and the other one sipping water out of the tap…bum in the air. Normal visits to the bathroom.


  3. Happy Birthday Andy and Dougy! You are both adorable. And yes, I understand about cats in the bathroom, I haven’t been alone in the bathroom in 20 years 🙂

  4. Wow! Scritches, treats and a chance for mischief while you were out. Sounds like agood birthday. May they have many, many more.

    • I think they had a kitty good time, Angela! Best of all, they got more albacore for breakfast, and there is enough for at least one more day of it. They really, really, really think that’s OK!

  5. It’s good to have a day where it’s fine and normal
    I wish I could say that more often
    But when you become part of the over the hill gang
    That’s not always how goes it
    If you get my drift
    The Sheldon Perspective

    • Will do, GP! Andy’s sleeping on his back by the computer, and Dougy’s off on cat business (“don’t ask, won’t tell”…). When available, I’ll give them an appropriate birthday scratch from you!

  6. Your kitties are very luck to be with you and birthdays are swell. My own birthday is coming up on July 8 and my friend is baking a Kentucky Blackberry Jam Cake for it. I love those old home-style recipes that my Mom used to cook on her wood-burning kitchen range.

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