Post 1765: best friends forever, part II

There are more “evidences” of Rosie and Charles the kitty boy’s best friendship forever commitment. My friend Deborah notes this about her granddaughter Rosie’s ways to keep Charles in mind when he isn’t around to snuggle:

 [T]his is a poster her uncle James gave her for Christmas.  She crossed out the irrelevant writing and put in “Charls” and made the eyes more orange to match her BFF’s eyes. It’s right beside her bed. [The poster is upper right, above.]

Deborah continues:

Rosie is out so I was able to verify the postcard under the pillow story.

[See the postcard in the photo above, left? Andy and Dougy wonder how anyone could doubt that Charles is worshiped by Rosie. “Aren’t all cats gods?” they chirp. Duh!


Post 1764: best friends forever…

My friend Deborah’s granddaughter Rosie and Deborah’s kitty boy Charles have something going on between them, as this note from Deborah details:

Rosie loves Charles so much that I now feel terrible when it’s time to leave.  She “took care of him” while I was at the monastery and when I came to pick him up, I could see she was not prepared to let him go.  So he sent her a postcard from Maine.

charles enjoying sun

Charles loves the sun, too!

When I saw her this weekend she told me she sleeps with the postcard under her pillow so she can see it first thing in the mornings when she wakes up.  She had written her letter to Charles and promptly read it to him as soon as we arrived this time.  It will be hard for her again when we leave tomorrow— she was already fretting about it yesterday.


Little girls and kitties! Say it all together, now… awwwwww! 

Post 1597: Christmas 2017


Neither Andy nor Dougy likes to dress up for the holidays, but my friend Deborah’s cat Charles has a different attitude about it!
Says Deborah: Yes, Charles says he would be honored to grace your blog post for Christmas.  He wants it to be known that no kitties were hurt during filming and that he rather enjoys the attention that he receives while getting into costume.  This is in fact true: my son is so amazed by his behavior and tolerance for this kind of thing (well especially mauls from [my granddaughter, Charles’ favorite kid]) that he tells me all the time that 99.99% of cats would never put up with these things – as if I did not know that.
Regardless, I’m sure Andy and Dougy wish you a blessed Christmas, as do I! And may the new year be better than the last.

Post 1470: signs of the times…

My friend Deborah recently had family visits at her home, necessitating a reminder on the door that Charles (on the left) is inclined to make a dash to “freedom” if the door’s left open long enough. 

Deborah writes: 

I suppose I can take down the Charles warning poster on the door now that my visitors have gone.  In the upper right hand corner is a picture of Charles in his previous life in a 14th century French dungeon cell.  He has fond memories of the rose bush growing up the fortress walls!  My grandson wanted to know his name in that life and I told him that it had been Charlot and that he had been born in Cambridge (England as opposed to Massachusetts where my grandson was born).  Eight year olds are great because their imaginations are in full bloom and they do not yet have any cynicism!
I can appreciate her concerns! Dougy is my little escape artist. The joke is he’d follow his nose to Fargo before he realized he no longer was at home. He doesn’t want to escape so much as catch up of neighborhood scents.
snoopy dougy
There are a few outdoor cats around, and they know Dougy knows they know he knows they know he knows that fact! (Sorry for that construction. It seems to have landed in my consciousness and demands I use it till I wear it and myself out!)
I found Deborah’s sign charming and asked if I could use her photo for this blog. Her response:
Charles says he would be honored to grace your blog again.  
He did make a few escapes while the visitors were here although they were good about remembering to check for him.  He makes a few escapes on me anyway, with one yesterday when he sauntered down the walkway.  
He never tries to go fast but he does have a bit of the “nah! Nah!” In his walk.  He is proud of himself and not above taunting his jailer.  He is the kind of cat you can sling under one arm if the other arm is busy such as with the groceries one was about to deposit on the table before the cat escaped.  
deborahs charles
I’ve never had to go bushwhacking to get him.  The one time that I did not notice his escape and was only alerted to it by his brother giving the “there’s something in the yard” stare, he seemed quite bored by all the free time he had in the great outdoors and was already walking back up the walkway towards home.  
Still, with kids and commotion, I think the sign is necessary because not everyone has an escape artist for a cat.  
I’ve been known to post an “escape kitty” sign on my door as well, though the late Louie the ginger cat, a shelter rescue, definitely had street smarts Dougy lacks:
rawr louie
Louie was an inside cat that enjoyed indoor/outdoor life before I got him at the animal shelter as a five-year-old. He definitely liked his outside time, so I eventually caved in to his wishes and followed him on his walks. 
Signs of the times! We kitty people sometimes have to protect our wee furbuddies against their normal curiosity.

Post 1251: A Christmas greeting from a couple of cats…

No, not Andy and Dougy (though they do wish you a blessed Christmas), but from my friend Deborah’s Charles and André, here in a holiday photo slide show.

“Meow! Meow!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Deborah assures me Charles enjoys dressing up, and that he purrs while in costume. On the other hand, Dougy and Andy prefer to walk around in their birthday suits!

Post 1229: update on Post 1218, when pets mourn

My friend Deborah told us about how her cats Andre and Charles reacted to the death of their half sister Serena. The passage of time has helped, as have efforts Deborah’s made to help the kitties adjust to their missing half sister.

Even though Charles no longer meows for Serena, I am sure he still misses her.  Both boys have been eating a lot more of late, even demanding to be fed three times two days ago.  As long as Charles does not get too big, I guess it is OK.  Everyone seems to be more hungry on winter days.

We’ve had a lot more chases and playtime of late and they both demand more affection.  I hope they are not feeling I might disappear them too and they better stay on my good side.

I decided to give them a little excitement so I cut down a small fir in the yard that I would have pruned next spring anyway, stuck it in a pot of geranium that has somehow survived the frosts to date, bought a few ornaments and voilà!  We have a Christmas tree for the first time in years if not decades.  It helps that the tree is free and would have been sacrificed anyway come spring and that I had a few ornaments in storage already.  André has already started batting at them from the arm of the sofa, but having lined the pot with pine cones I hope they will stay out of it.  Yeah, right.


Well they do like it when I change things up so they were pretty excited.

I don’t know how you feel about dressing cats up.  I remember Louie wears a cape.  I have been an offender since I was a young girl on that score.  Not every day or anything.  I found this Santa outfit in a thrift store earlier this year and took it out today.  Boy did I underestimate how big Charles is!  Maybe it will fit the squirrel who lives under the porch!

Now that our Christmas decorations are finished, we can relax and enjoy the rest of the month.

Except…Deborah got two telephone calls that changed things a bit!
The inspiration for my tree came from a Chinese auction of similar trees in a nearby town today.  I bought some tickets but basically always view it as a donation to the group running the event as I have participated in the past and not won anything.
André knows what Christmas tree decorations are for!
Just awhile ago the phone rang and I learned I had won the Joy tree.  As I sat pondering what to do with the Joy tree (my house is very tiny), the phone rang again and it seems I also won the Blue Bus tree.  Good grief!
It’s raining Christmas trees.  I would send one to your boys if it would ship.  I’m sure they would have fun destroying it.  As it is, I may have to find a random person upon whom to bestow these.  I’m feeling partial to my own tree.  

Post 1074: André the cat…or is that André the Olympian?

Remember the three cats that flew to Paris? Well, they’re back in America and my friend Deborah shared this about André, her kitty that performs feats of  athleticism worthy of an Olympic athlete! Of Deborah’s cats’ activities she notes:

We just had a whole-house cat chase.  These days, that only happens when I serve something that hits the spot with all three.  It’s my way of knowing it was appreciated.  It’s their way of communal rejoicing.
Charles the cat

Charles the cat, victim of the stained glass window incident…. Aw! Poor kitty!

How about André?

Other than that, André nearly killed Charles and me last night by knocking a stained glass window on us.  How? Only André can answer that.  He spends a lot of his spare time in deep thought about all the possibilities for disorder.  His father was also a devil cat.  Very clever with their paws.  He likes high places and the out of the ordinary spot.

Where's the kitty?

Where’s the kitty?

André is a very active Bombay kitty!

André is a very active Bombay kitty! (Is that redundant?)

What can I say!? If it were a box, we'd laugh and say, "Well, you know cats and boxes!" Same principle.

What can I say!? If it were a box, we’d laugh and say, “Well, you know cats and boxes!” Same principle.

You might guess André would "rest" up there!

You might guess André “rests” up there!

Thank you, Deborah, for sharing this update. As you might guess, I am a fan of black cats, and am delighted to know mine aren’t the only “devil cats”!