Post 1867: Andy’s delight…


Andy is a bit grumpy…


…waiting for his home-grown, fresh ‘nip!

(Not to worry. He got his nip. No photos were taken, however, thanks to a smart phone failure. Frankly, neither kitty boy reacts in a cute way to ‘nip. Both make a face like they just smelled a skunk. Dougy runs away and Andy circles around my hand with the ‘nip till he adjusts to the stench – ‘nip has a really nasty musky stench in my opinion and Dougy’s – then he sniffs and licks and chomps down on the leaf. Dougy eventually comes around for his share, but he prefers kitty treats over ‘nip any day!)

Post 1854: Dougy’s decision…

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20180914010252 Dougy and I have a little morning routine. I try to update this blog, and he gets upset with me. Then I try to determine what he wants to do – brushing, which he love, love, loves! – wand toy, or lots of “scritching”. Being a long-haired kitty boy, that “scritching” is appreciated especially when I scratch that little spot between his eyes! (Makes him drool!)

Today, though, when I decided to sneak a GIF of me brushing him, he spotted a gnat flying by the lamp on the end table. He made his decision! LOL! But he didn’t get the gnat.

catnip4Andy and I have our morning routine, too. After the kitty boys have their breakfast, I give Andy his medicine, then treats.

Today, I changed our routine a little bit. I’ve been growing catnip in a kitty treat container Andy and Dougy emptied. It is just right for sharing with my kitty boys now, and Andy appreciates fresh leaf a whole lot!

Though Andy finds the smell of the fresh leaf overwhelming, he gets his kitty on, eats the ‘nip, which he love, love, loves to eat when I crumple it up, put it on the floor. RAWR! Fresh ‘nip! Good!

Being an introverted little guy, he doesn’t react in amusing, wild ways. Fresh greens, though, always are welcome in his world.


Post 1569: Did you sniff the catnip?

Andy looks suspicious…

…till he puts on his “kitten face”!



Post 1112: Deborah sent the ‘nip…and the boys appreciate it!

My friend Deborah send Andy and Dougy some of that catnip she grows in her garden in Maine, and it arrived in Saturday’s mail. The kitty brothers were amused!

"Catnip, boy! Catnip!" The kitties come running.

“Catnip, boys! Catnip!” The kitties come running.

"Inhale deeply, boys! It's fresh Maine-grown 'nip!"

“Inhale deeply, boys! It’s fresh Maine-grown ‘nip!”

I offer them their first taste....

I offer them their first taste….

Dougy runs off. He's not into 'nip as much as Andy, who pounces on the 'nip and puts on a show.

Dougy runs off. He’s not into ‘nip as much as Andy, who pounces on the ‘nip and puts on a show.

"My 'nip!" Andy covers his precious leaves!

“My ‘nip!” Andy covers his precious leaves!

Whew! Exhausted by content with this imported 'nip, Andy wears it off.

Whew! Exhausted but content with this imported ‘nip, Andy wears it off.

Yep! Time to try to walk straight. Or just lie there.

Yep! Time to try to walk straight. Or just stay in one place.

Post 1104: Deborah’s cats get a ‘nip treat…

Deborah of the cats-to-Paris post has good news for her three kitties: The ‘nip is flourishing! She writes:


My garden has done well this year, but the outstanding crop of the year goes to my catnip plant, which is two years old.

image (1)

It is in full bloom now.

73016 deborahs cat 1

So I decided to see if the cats appreciated the crop.  I brought in a branch and left it on the door of the carrier that André has claimed as his home.

73016 deborahs cat 2 73016 deborahs cat 3

But he is not the principal addict in the family.  Soon Charles arrived.
There was a bit of a scuffle.  Charles is alpha cat, but André got his turn too.

73016 deborahs cat 473016 deborahs cat 5

Fortunately they know when to quit and call it a day, although not without salivating all over me and getting a good scratch on cheeks and tummy.


Thanks, Deborah! Not only do your contributions add a nice additional touch of black “cat-ness” to the blog, I enjoy seeing and reading how your kitties are doing!  


Post 793: Andy finds the ‘nip…!

I put a little catnip out on my computer desk. It didn’t take Andy long to figure out where it was and to come and sample it.

Andy inhales deeply...!

Andy inhales deeply…!
“Good ‘nip!”

“Mmmm! More ‘nip!”
Andy finds the second sample of catnip, and snorts it down.

My cats show the range of cat reaction to catnip. Dougy is interested in it but has no reaction. Andy loves the stuff and reacts with typical cat abandon to this favorite herb.

Post 609: ‘nipped…and more


Andy senes something good around the corner...

Andy senses something good around the corner…

Why, it's fresh catnip leaves that the human tossed by the door! Andy quickly doses up.

Why, it’s fresh catnip leaves that the human tossed by the door! Andy quickly doses up.

Um...dang Dougy comes snooping. Andy doesn't want to share the nip. Nebremind. Dougy doesn't like the fresh too much: too strong for him! Makes his nose twitch!

Um…dang Dougy comes snooping. Andy doesn’t want to share the nip. Nevermind, Dougy doesn’t like the fresh too much: too strong for him! Makes his nose twitch!

Besides, he'd rather climb on the table because he knows that's where the kitty treats are.

Besides, he’d rather climb on the table because he knows that’s where the kitty treats are.



Call this a confession. When I write a blog post, I try to pique your interest with a snappy headline. Yesterday, I got too clever by far. Though no one mentioned it to me — I imagine you all are just too polite to point it out —  I had a snappy headline alright, but it contained a glaring factual error!

Mind you, I can be very anal about such things. I thought about just changing it, but the corrected version no longer had snap. I decided to leave it.

So what was my egregious headline error? The headline reads: “brother” without an “r” is “bother”.

Be honest with yourself, when you read that headline, did you notice “bother” still has an “r” hanging on it’s butt!?

Once the coffee kicked in, I did. Oops!

Post 482: ‘nipped

Andy put up a valiant effort today to avoid getting his daily dose of blood pressure medicine. The process began a bit after 3 AM, but took till 6:45 AM to complete: He didn’t want to take his medicine today! No way!

Around 6:30, I tossed out the treats I usually give Andy after he takes his medicine. “Maybe Andy’ll come over for the treats”, I thought. “Then I can nab him.”

Secret weapon? My cats think it stinks.

Secret weapon? My cats think it stinks.

Have I mentioned Andy has genius level cat intelligence when it comes to escape and evasion skills? No? Well, he does, and he was wary of the treats. I finally caught him when I used my cane to block him into a spot by the front door where his escape routes were cut off.

Captured and medicated, I stroked Andy’s head and rubbed his nose. “What a good boy you are, Andy!” I told him over and over, because he is, then I let him down.

I decided to reward Andy with fresh catnip since the “good boy” treats were already out. I grow catnip in the window by my kitchen sink. I was delighted to see my neglected catnip plant — it’s a weed and doesn’t require much skill to grow — managed to put out flowers!

Dougy tenses up in anticipation of the assault of catnip on his nose...!

Dougy tenses up in anticipation of the assault of catnip on his nose…!

I picked a small amount with flowers for Andy. He and Dougy cringed and dropped back when I approached them. Fresh catnip is nauseatingly minty-musk scented and over-powering to me, so I can understand their reaction! Dougy rarely gets close to it, yet Andy likes to eat the leaves once the scent settles down a little.

They both ran away as soon as the catnip stench hit their noses. “So much for cats go crazy with pleasure on catnip,” I thought as I followed Dougy, the easier one to catch most days. “Maybe he can be persuaded to try it.”

"Icky! I don't want any of that stuff," Dougy said. Well, he would have were he not a cat!

“Icky! I don’t want any of that stuff,” Dougy said. Well, he would have were he not a cat!

Dougy tried to avoid the catnip in my hand when I slowly brought it up to his nose. He appeared to be distressed more than amused, so I backed away.

In the meantime, Andy’d climbed on his favorite perch, the top of the blue carrier. I decided I’d photograph him reacting to the catnip, but he ran away from the nasty leaves.

Today is not the day I get Andy and Dougy to react to catnip for your amusement and mine, I decided. I ripped the leaves and blossoms off the stem and tossed them on the floor by the cardboard castle by the utility closet. More likely than not, Andy’ll sample a leaf or two later. Dougy…not so much.

Post 312: Andy finds the catnip

I’ve given up trying to keep the boys off the table. Cats will be cats, and it’s easy enough to place a placemat or napkin under plates or food placed on the table. It’s part of the joys of having cats around!

I spilled a little catnip on the table this morning. I meant to put it on a napkin on the floor for the pleasure of the boys. Dougy had his fun there. Andy, little poop, decided to check out the source:

"Mmmm! A jar of catnip! I knew there was more somewhere!"

“Mmmm! A jar of catnip! I knew there was more somewhere!”

"Errrr...! I feel the glow!"

“Errrr…! I feel the glow!”

"Some over here...!"

“Some over here…!”

"Some over there...!"

“Some over there…!”

"Must...lie...down.... Wait! I am already!"

“Must…lie…down…. Wait! I am already!”

"Ummm.... Errr.... Whatza!? Ummm...!"

“Ummm…. Errr…. Whatza!? Ummm…!”

"I could go for some *Greenies...!"

“I could go for some *Greenies…!”

[*Greenies are a cat treat that Andy really, really, really likes.]