Post 1145: the kitty brothers love, love, love our visitors from Seattle…!

My sister and friend visited from Seattle over the long weekend. We ate too much, crammed a lot into the short visit (including a trip up to Rapid City to visit our other sister), talked, laughed, and shared kitty stories since we all have cats. 91316 andy cleans precious on his box 2.jpg

Andy and Dougy, too, enjoyed the visit since Kathy and Sid already met them when they were here another time. The boys love, love, love them! And why wouldn’t they? They got lots of kitty attention, extra play, and all the petting and scritching a kitty could want.

Kathy caught Andy on his new favorite box.


Kathy caught Dougy at the “feeding trough”! LOL! Chubby kitty!


11 thoughts on “Post 1145: the kitty brothers love, love, love our visitors from Seattle…!

    • That they did! Lots of attention and extra play happen when two extra cat people come to visit. The boys loved, loved, loved the visitors, and I enjoyed having them here, too, if only for a short time.

  1. Much better that the visit was too short rather than too long. Looks like the boys relaxed around the rest of the family. Andy is doing housecleaning and Dougy is chowing down. Their food area has some spillage, just like ours.


    • How true! On the other hand, my brother from California typically stayed five weeks at a time, and we never ran out of good will towards each other or things to talk about or do. Oh, yes! The kitty boys thought he walked on water! LOL! (My brother is very good with critters, and has always had cats and dogs in his life. They know, my boys do, and they respond well to my brother Dick!)

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