Post 1146: the benefit of a cluttered table…

One benefit of living alone is no one cares if I leave the table cluttered to discourage cats from using it as a highway to the dining area window.

Of course, when my sister and her friend came here for her class reunion, I decluttered the table so we could eat there. Need I tell you that the decluttered table was an open invitation to the kitty brothers?!

Andy wasted no time checking out the decluttered table.

91316 andy on table.jpg

“No, no,  no, Andy! You are too young to have some wine! SCAT cat!”IMG_20160910_171238.jpg

50 thoughts on “Post 1146: the benefit of a cluttered table…

    • I know exactly how that goes! The recliner is one chair i warn visitors about because it is alarming to have a furball lunging at and/or over you if you aren’t expecting it to happen!

  1. My persian Miss H likes to taste yoghurt pot when it is empty – nice to share something, it is important for the relationship !
    Such a charming little pink tongue, and her eyes asking : may I ? Yes ! and the vet said – yes, too 🙂
    amitiés – mais je le répète, le pot est vide !

    • Oh! So you are blessed with a Persian kitty, too! Please give Mlle. H. a nice pat on the head and a scratch under her chin from me!

      Nutrition and food acceptable for cats are as big a question for cats as for people. My cats’ veterinarian doesn’t recommend beef or milk for cats because beef isn’t a food found naturally in their diet and many cats are lactose intolerant.

      What can I say? When I had Louie the ginger cat, he ate cheese or drank a little milk all the time and never seemed to have a problem with it.

      I don’t give Andy and Dougy these foods because of their veterinarian’s recommendations. He is the same veterinarian I took Louie to…!

      Peut-être, mais vive les souvenirs de ce qui a été et ce qui peut être!

  2. I am lucky the cats don’t seem to like the counter. My late Mosby was another matter, being Siamese he felt compelled to walk everywhere I didn’t want him to. I bleach just because they might be going behind my back.

  3. My cats don’t wait for me to declutter. The rule in our house is if you don’t want a cat to throw it on the floor put it away. My very clean cats tip any clutter straight onto the floor where it belongs. Smokie & Pixie work together on the heavy items. Including a 4 foot high hand painted (by a family friend) clay leopard that I had put on the highest shelf it would fit on so they couldn’t chew it. Now they have to go to the granny flat to tidy. Bonus points for hitting a dog.

  4. No Fotos, instead immediate “NO” – followed by a non-nonsense setting down. Cats need consequence, than you can train them NOT TO walk on your dining table. That is something they just should not do! They walk with those cute paws into their toilets, scratch the cat litter over their urine or faeces – and then they should not be allowed on the kitchen counters and the table you eat from.

    • I totally agree with that. I also know that my efforts to discourage it haven’t worked. I don’t place food or eating utensils on the table or counter surfaces, ever! Though I wipe the table or counters down with bleach-saturated towelettes (Clorox wipes), the whole idea of those kitty feet on surfaces where food might touch is not only disgusting, it is dangerous for someone like me with a somewhat compromised immune system.

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