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It’s official, I now not only have my own treat account but also my own Facebook account! Per your request, my assistants will post never shown before photos and videos of me and Ms. Zulu on the Facebook account. In addition, we set it up so that you can follow my blog via FB or […]

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8 thoughts on “Li(c)ke Me — Life of Benji

    • That’s my intent! Benji’s mission in life is important. In addition to being a shelter dog, his a beautiful and intelligent dog anyone would like to have! Ten there is the matter of his recent training that makes him special in a new way, one I know we will get to see in time. That will serve to further gain support for shelter rescues and seeing them as potentially more than pets when they have they have the temperment. I think you are doing something very worthy of my support, and the bet way I know do that is encourage others to join me in follows! I know from personal experience that many of the blogs and Facebook pages I follow are ones others recommended to me because of my interests, so, when I know of other people’s interests through my blog and Facebook presences, I like to share new or newly found or favorite old blogs that I think are well done and support values I approve of. Whew! Aren’t I special!? Seriously, I like to share sites I feel others will enjoy, too!

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