Post 1226: Purrsday…!

Today is one of those lazy, crazy days where we settle back into our favorite places and purr! 


That isn’t to say we aren’t vigilant in case the human’s looking for us to give us our medicine…!120116-andy-watches

But mostly, we just humm along. It’s going to be an easy, breezy day! 120116-andy-and-dougy

Purr! Purr! Purr!img_20161007_073446

Happy Purrsday! May you have a purrfectly pleasant and nonproductive day doing as little as possible!

25 thoughts on “Post 1226: Purrsday…!

    • we had a lazy Purrsday, just as planned! I got through most ogf my delayed reading. Next…a bunch of books gathering dust! Maybe next Purrsday! The kitty boys and I send our greetings to the denizens of Salmon Brook Farms!

    • Hope you have set aside your time to purr, Ann! Andy, Dougy, and I plan on eating, sleeping, purring, [playing, and (me) reading the stack of magazines that I’ve not got around too by being too busy!

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