Post 1436: poor Dougy…


These days poor Dougy hides in the dark. He hates dematting! It hurts! He protests, but it has to be done. I try to minimize the time spent each day dealing with his mats because I feel bad when I fail to remove the mats without hurting poor Dougy. 

The torture tool, the upset “victim”, and the output! Part of the problem is Dougy loves to be brushed, but he always rolls over on his right side a short time after I begin.

Guess which side has no mats. Yes, the left side, the one that gets brushed the most!

I have to find a way to brush Dougy’s right side more so the mats he hates having combed out don’t form. At this point, I think I’ll have to start holding him on my lap to brush the right side of his body.

Long-haired cats  are beautiful, but they have to have their regular grooming! And Dougy’s undercoat is especially thick….


46 thoughts on “Post 1436: poor Dougy…

    • I can’t believe how much hair they can shed, especially Dougy. No matter how often or much I brush them, tjhey still have more to shed – or mat!

      Because I had to decide between getting dialysis or taking the kitty boys to the groomer for their appointment last month, their longer hair now tends to mat more.

      I’m working on changing the appointment for the rest of the year to days that aren’t in conflict with my new dialysis schedule.

      I will probably have to take them in on different days instead of both at the same time on the same day.

      While it will be less convenient for me in one sense, it will be better in that I only have to catch one cat per trip!

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  1. You could make a jumper out of cat fur 😉

    If Dougy hates to have the mats removed, maybe he’s more in for a shave. Just tell him to imagine he’s a sheep. =^.^=


    • The mats hide well out of sight (and reach!), so his appearance is pretty much the usual. Dougy looks especially pretty right now, though I know he has lots of mats to work out. The only “good” news is I’ve combed them enough that they are tiny mats now, something that I actually can tug on in many instances, and the mats pull off without any “discussion” from Dougy!

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  2. That’s another cat in that bag for sure – snorts with piggy laughter. Mouse Girl was like that. She was a 20 pound Maine Coon cat who needed constant brushing. Beautiful kitty like your boys. XOXO – Bacon

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  3. Hello, weggieboy – I try to do a beauty with my lady golden Persian, who looks so sweet and lovely. A toy !!! Not at all.
    But she dislikes it and she wins … because she can make noise. Incredible.
    Amitiés – caresses aux kitties


  4. Poor Dougy and poor Doug! I am lucky in that neither Lucio nor Wynken, the two long-haired cats, tend to form mats. Willow, our short-haired but thick-coated calico cat, does form mats, and she hates to be brushed. I think her problem is her age now, at “20ish” she doesn’t really groom much anymore, and I have to fill that role.

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  5. Woe, that’s a lot of hair. Ms Zulu has the same problem. Benji is easy. He doesn’t have long fur or an undercoat. His problem is insects. He doesn’t have any protective layers. Unfortunately, summers in Florida bring insects. Luckily we can stay inside or on a screened in porch.


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