Post 1719: Dougy pouts on the floor…


Dougy sometimes has a fit that I don’t stop everything and play with him. (Notice the sorrowful look…. He has a pitiful “meow” he uses at these times, too. It’s impossible to resist!)

Of course, if I ignore him, he will find something else that needs done, namely a kitty bath~!


TO DOUGY FANS ~ Please note that after I took the photos, I “scritched” Dougy and played with him. No kitty boy was abused to create this blog!




20 thoughts on “Post 1719: Dougy pouts on the floor…

    • I think that would be good for both of you! Dougy still love, love, loves to play, but he cheats at it. (Well, a little bit!) Now, though, Andy runs to avoid the medicine time. Until he’s comfortable he’s not going to get or get again the medicine, he runs past me at full speed. While I’d rather he not be upset about getting medicine, the running is good for him! LOL!

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