Post 1693: Dougy deals with it…


Dougy’s been a bit lost while his brother Andy is at the the veterinarian’s clinic being treated for high blood pressure and a urinary tract infection. I reassure him as best I can, and “scritching” his chest is one thing that calms him down.

So, now I need reassurance myself.


Andy’s veterinarian called me to let me know Andy’s condition hasn’t changed enough to let him come home. I expected that and approved the stay over the weekend – or longer, as needed.

Andy’s veterinarian asked me to bring in some of the food I feed Andy, too, since Andy’s not eating well yet. I took dry and wet food, of course, but also a supply of Andy’s favorite treat, Greenies.

Poor little guy. Dougy and I miss him and look forward to him coming home.





Post 1692: Andy’s a bit under the weather…or is he?


Andy looked rough this morning. Though his forehead feels cool, he acts like he doesn’t feel well. You know cats: It is difficult to tell for sure. I’ve seen a bit of diarrhea on the floor in the bathroom the last day or so, but couldn’t attach it to one or the other cat. Until this morning, neither looked nor acted like they might feel unwell. Andy, in addition to looking a bit rough, smells a bit like poop, like he hasn’t been able to get all the diarrhea out of his tail feathers.  


Dougy was on the back of the computer chair while I tried try to determine how Andy felt. Dougy lets me brush him so looks much better groomed, of course, than his brother.

This looks a bit strange, but when I “scritched” the newly brushed Andy at the base of his tail, he did what he always does: He wrapped his tail around my arm. I then “scritched” up and down his spine, something both kitty boys love, love, love. I hope Andy feels better for it.

Poor kitty! I hope he feels better when I get home from dialysis, that he’s just tired or not seriously sick. If not, I will try to get him in for a check up by his veterinarian. I feel bad that I can’t just skip dialysis and care for Andy’s needs.



[As soon as I got home from dialysis, I took Andy in for an exam. It turned out he is very sick indeed, with high blood pressure and a urinary tract infection. His veterinarian put him on a new blood pressure medicine and gave him an injection for the infection. I left him over night at the clinic. They will give me a call Friday morning to let me know how he is. Poor Dougy has been sniffing all over the apartment, trying to figure out where Andy is. I’ve held him a lot more today than ever, trying to reassure him things are OK. I will keep you updated on Andy.]  


Post 1691: Dougy settles in for the day…


Breakfast was late but quite tasty! 


“Can we play now?” Dougy isn’t quite ready for a nap.


We play for a moment or two, but Morpheus threatens to take Dougy to Dreamland. (Yep! Douglass MacDougall soon falls asleep.)

Post 1690: trimmed or not trimmed…


Thanks to scheduling issues, the kitty boys haven’t been trimmed since…I can’t remember. (September 2017? July 2017?) For the many new people following Andy and Dougy’s exploits, I think you might be amused to see what they look like trimmed up. It will be July before they can get in again, and they will be very hairy by then!

Quite a bit different, eh?! The last video shows Andy after the first haircut the kitty boys got. The groomer recommended a teddy bear cut the next time I took them in, and that’s been the standard since.

Post 1689: Ready for Freddy…


Snoozing, Dougy seems out of this world…


…yet his kitty senses are tuned into all around him.


Yes, in a nanosecond, Dougy can be “ready for Freddy”, as we say in my family. (Can’t define the expression or account for its origins, but it sure looks like Dougy’s pose is just that!)

Post 1688: house bully or not…?

What!? What!? What!? That isn’t Andy on the end table, is it? No, a closer look reveals the truth: It is Dougy, just as I thought.

The little rascal knows Andy will show up there soon enough, and he is waiting!

[For those concerned about Andy’s safety, the kitty boys tussled earlier, but it was in play. Dougy wasn’t waiting to beat Andy up, he was waiting for Andy so they could play their chase game.]


Post 1687: “Saw you first!”

Andy was there first. He sees a blur pass on the floor…Dougal MacDougal!


Take my word for it: This is Dougley!

“I see you, Andrew!” 

The kitty boys have to sort this or: Who saw whom first? It is important they reach agreement! (Andy eventually convinces Dougy he saw Dougy first. Whew! No wild chase through the apartment today, no tufts of kitty fur ripped from a brother’s cute little kitty butt!)

Post 1686: the nuns put away their rulers…

Wedgie Boys collage

The kitty boys are easy to sort out in this collage. That’s Wee Andrew in the upper left hand corner, then the rest of the kitty boys on the left hand side (and the larger cat in the upper left hand corner photo) are MacDougall. That means all those kitty boys on the right hand side are Wee Andrew.

Not to worry, though! I called off the quiz I promised you in Post 1685 yesterday and I told the nuns they could put away those lethal rulers…this time. Caturday isn’t a school day after all!

If you look at the photos closely, you can see how Andy has the narrower head and the yellow eyes. Dougy’s orangey-brown wide-set eyes give him a more classically typical Persian kitty look than his brother. They had a Persian mother and a Birman father. Dougy has his mother’s face and head, and Andy inherited a more Birman-shaped head.





Post 1685: mega-rerun time…

Wedgie Boys collage

Oops! I thought I had a post ready for today. In that smug state, I put off hitting the laptop. Then…in a panic, I realized I had several posts ready this week, all to run by my birthday yesterday! Sooo…it became a hastily organized mega-rerun day.

Fortunately, I happened to have this ready-made collage of the kitty boys that ran in a kitty boy and girl day book for 2018. Whew!


Forgive me for my oversight and see if you can identify which kitty boy is which in the photos above. There will be a pop quiz later…! No cheating, now! I have nuns with rulers proctoring the quiz room!

Post 1684: They say it’s my birthday!


They say it’s my birthday.


Woo hoo! Happy Birthday to me! My sister Kathy knows how to make her little brother happy!


Of course, she’s Molly’s Mom!


And I have Andy and Dougy to prove the point: Life is good ~ Cats do make it better! Thanks, Kathy! 


It started with Louie the ginger cat and poor, fated Freckles, my first kitty. I’ve come to love my kitties more and more, and they never cease to amuse and entertain me!