Privacy and GDPR Compliance

I am very confused about this EU regulation. Frankly, I have no desire to sell your personal information to any entity, and prefer, for that matter, that I not have my information shared either. I would hate to lose my EU-based friends’ comments, but will understand (sort of) if they have any doubts and stop commenting.

25 thoughts on “Privacy and GDPR Compliance

    • Good. That GDPR business has caused me lots of hassles so far, but I hate to think of losing the comments and participation of my friends in the EU!!!

  1. Mr. Doug, what is EU? Is it the code word that Andy and Dougy use for you? Or is it a new kind of kitty food? What? Regulations you say? Maybe we kitties need to pose regulations telling the world of humans to not be so-o complicated. Tee hee hee.

    • I appreciate that! As noted, I really look forward to my EU-based blogger friends’ comments and posts. They are pretty much the first ones I see, other than Asian blogger friends’ posts and comments.

  2. Doug, I feel the same way. Basically, I use my blogs to provide information for pet owners + laughs. And, yes, I’ve been known to mention it if any of my books are on sale, but I make no effort to retain anyone’s data for marketing purposes — and I hope mine isn’t being used in that way, either.
    The way I see it, IF someone is fearful that I’ll collect info, they should unfollow and/or not comment.
    Frankly, anyone who is serious about marketing probably thinks I’m a disaster because my goal is not profit. C’est la vie.

    • I even get nervous if I accidentally mention a brand of kitty stuff since I don’t get paid to do it. For that matter, branded items sometimes show in photos I take, and I wonder if I need to make a disclaimer every time that happens. I ran into legal issues when I posted videos of my cats that had incidental music that I was playing at the time in the background. I resolved that, but it makes me very nervous about on-line legal issues. Incidentally, I’m getting closer to your trilogy in my built-up reading pile….!

      • I’m not spooked enough to stop doing reviews for Chewy, but still believe that less is better. Meaning that I think fewer laws/regulations are better. Of course, that means individuals need to take personal responsibility.

        • Laws and regulations are necessary to enforce good behavior. On the other hand, too often, they serve a limited purpose. I was involved in ISO 1001 implementation at my factory. While it was good to have a quality management system where we stated what and how we managed quality issues, it also put in place a bureaucratic process that took lots of man hours to satisfy and added little value (if any) to the products we made. Notably, Michelin rejected the process and refused to implement it for pretty much the reasons noted above – it didn’t add to the value or quality of the product so much as gave outside entities a way to say “gotcha” when they found a “t” uncrossed or an “i” undotted. when they did an audit of your facility. I did internal audits and you always could find “gotchas” simply because there complexity of the system made it inevitable.

          • IMHO, the ‘k i s s’ principle is best (keep it simple, stupid) — IF a company’s product doesn’t last and/or has issues, sales will drop off / if their product is something of good value, word of mouth will increase sales. That’s not how government wants things to be, though.

  3. To be honest I just loaded a couple of free plugins and added a “policy” page much like the one shared, that said I was in agrement with people’s right to know where their data was going, that I used a thrird party anti-spam program on comments and provided a link to what they collect to sort out spam and said I was willing to delete any data anyone didn’t want me to keep and they could unsubscribe at any time. The cookie plugin and GDPR plugin were a snap to install and seem to be working very well. I did this on my .coms first but it was so easy I am going to add it to the WP blog too.

  4. It is a start! I been working on mine a while now but not finished yet. WordPress still says on their blog they have stuff coming out for free WordPress dot com blogs. I look every day. They have plugins for wordpress dot org and paid plans out now.

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