Post 1730: Andy visits his veterinarian…


Andy had a veterinarian’s appointment yesterday, a follow-up exam to determine if the blood pressure medicine had brought his blood pressure down. When he was on the scale (9.4 pounds/ 4,26 kilos), he tried to escape into an overhead cabinet, but other than that, he was a very good patient.


He responded well to the technicians’ efforts to keep him calm, but still had a 160 systolic average reading, higher than the last time. His veterinarian, Dr. Y., asked me to give him the medicine twice a day till Friday, when I take him in again. 


‘I asked Dr. Y. if  *Feliway might help as Andy shows signs of anxiety. He felt it’s worth a try, recommending I spray it inside the carrier before I bring Andy in Friday. I hope it helps!


Poor Andy. My little kitty boy needs some relief from the high blood pressure before it causes him vascular and kidney issues.