Post 1734: The news is good – Andy’s doing better!

Andy wasn’t happy to go into the carrier, and he protested loudly, a rare occurrence for this kitty boy. Dougy whines, but Andy usually is cool.

I sprayed Feliway inside the carrier before we had to leave. It seemed to help. Once Andy spent a little time inside the carrier, he was calm and his usual self!


At the veterinarian’s, he was his usual well-behaved self, though he did protest the cuff being placed on his foot. Then his blood pressure was taken, reading 140 on the first try, 134 on the second, and so on. Anything under 150 systolic, it seems, is in the acceptable range for kitties, and all of Andy’s readings were OK


So, what else? Andy will have two doses of medicine a day. The Feliway spray will be used where helpful, but especially in the carrier when the kitty boys need some help being calm. Because blood pressure can presage other serious chronic issues, Andy will have a blood test done twice a year to assure none of the more serious conditions has set on. We seem to be back in control!


Of course, he was a good kitty, so he got Greenies for a treat when he got home!