Post 1726: learning from my cats…

I bought this kitty lounger for both of the kitties to share, then I realized Andy needed one for himself. There is a lot to learn about cat priorities and politics, and the lounger episode brought up one: Dougy couldn’t and wouldn’t share the lounger with Andy once he decided it was his lounger! It’s part of the kitty code.

I learned most of what I know about cats by making mistakes understanding cat politics and priorities.

 Here are a few of the things I know about cats that I didn’t know before I got Andy and Dougy: kitties don’t share much; kitties sniff butts; kitties knock over wastepaper baskets; kitties sometimes poop on the carpet even though there are three litter boxes (one for each cat plus one, they tell you…and that is the reality here); there are reasons for pooping on the carpet and you have to learn Cattinese to find them out; there is no manual for learning Cattinese – you are on your own, Bub; you will find anything squishy coming out of either end of your cats with your bare feet in the dark; anything squishy coming out of either end of your cats will be on the carpet; scratching posts come in many shapes and colors, for example, settee-shaped and ottoman-shaped; you don’t want to medicate a cat and the cat agrees with you; if you rent, there is a good reason pet deposits (sic) aren’t refundable; if you move a litter box, the cats most likely will continue to use the spot where it used to be as their toilet…and more.

andy left, dougy right IMG_20170419_131234

I still love the little buggers, though, and expect my cat education to continue as long as I have them.