Privacy and GDPR Compliance

I am very confused about this EU regulation. Frankly, I have no desire to sell your personal information to any entity, and prefer, for that matter, that I not have my information shared either. I would hate to lose my EU-based friends’ comments, but will understand (sort of) if they have any doubts and stop commenting.

Post 1743: trust issues…

IMG_20180520_054027 (1)

Poor Andy! He becomes mistrustful after his medicine times, and it takes a bit of time afterwards, even with kitty treats given immediately after dosing, before he lets me get close to him again. Here, he hides behind a chair.

On a positive note, I use the time I hold him before giving him his medicine to pull hair mats apart. He is pretty cool about the process as long as I don’t pull attached hair.

With the matted hair out of the way, I can brush him, collecting tons of kitty hair. He’s looking and feeling a lot sleeker these days, matching Dougy more and more for a soft, sleek pelage!