Post 1782: priorities…

Dougy wanted to play earlier, but decided what he really wanted to do was sleep. Later, I tried to get his kitty on. He took a sniff and a look at the toy, but returned to sleep. All in a kitty boy’s day! 

Post 1781: Andy takes it easy…

Andy grooms himself in this spot, as all the hair on the rug shows. Not expecting company, so I let Andy add to the mess a little longer before I clean it up.

IMG_20180628_110122 (1)

Dougy  (in front) stops by to play with an empty medicine bottle and Andy wanders off to see if he missed a kitty treat in the kitchen. You never know!

Post 1780: sunshine and shadow


Dougy enjoys some glorious sunshine!


Andy does not.

Post 1779: Andy’s current hiding spot…


Andy is pretty good about taking his medicine, but he doesn’t necessarily give me carte blanche  access to his hiding spots. 

Currently, he hides on top of my bedroom dresser. It replaces the top of the nightstand in the guest bedroom, both of which have been used in rotation with other spots. When I need him, I just walk up to the dresser, pet him a time or two, then pick him up. He’s been very compliant that way.

Any resistance starts once I wrap him in the towel and put the syringe-full of medicine up to his lips. Even then, he takes in most of the medicine most of the time. Of course, the reward for being a good kitty boy is a kitty treat of Greenies!


As noted before, I’m not compensated for mentioning the kitty boys’ favorite treat, Greenies. Their veterinarian stocks them and that’s the only treat of that sort they know.

Post 1778: a much needed rest…

A short time ago, I planned on skipping a day here to catch up on sleep. I didn’t do it, though, and continued to build on my fatigue.

This past weekend, however, my body rebelled and took over: I slept 11 hours Saturday afternoon and night! Sunday was pretty much the same thing, as was Monday.

Beyond doubt, I needed rest, my body determined it was a huge, huge amount, and I just went along. Instead of staying up, when I felt tired, I went to bed, day or night. What a novel approach to fatigue management! Ha!

I hope I’m caught up now. 

Post 1777: multitasking…

IMG_20180623_003103 (1)

I caught Dougy multitasking. He was taking a kitty bath and bug watching at the same time. 

Post 1776: because he meowed at me…


Dougy looked over his shoulder and meowed a sad meow. Awww! He wanted me to “scritch” him! So I did, of course. Happy Caturday!

Post 1774: Bugged…!


It’s that time of year. Bugs get inside and the kitty boys have fits trying to get to them. This morning, Dougy spotted a bug on the ceiling. He wants it! MEOW!


Poor kitty! The bug won’t move. It’s still in the same spot on the ceiling. What’s a kitty boy to do?

Post 1773: “No, I meant to do that!”


It started out to be a  photo sequence showing Dougy having fun with the recycled peacock feather “toy”.




“No, I meant to do that!”


[I’m sorry, but I laughed! Poor Dougy! His pride was hurt and he’s sulking now. Poor baby! I’ll try to make him feel better. Who hasn’t rolled off his ottoman? Oh! No one. Hee! Hee!]