Post 1723: wrong kitty…

“Aw! Wee Andrew on the computer desk shelf! I shall give him a good ‘skritching’!”

“Nae! ‘Tis MacDougall! Aw well, I shall ‘skritch’ him the same.”

Sometimes I get the kitty boys mixed up! Even Dougy was caught a bit off guard.



Speaking of Andy, here’s a matted bit of hair he groomed off himself. I try to keep up with the mats, but I do get help from the kitty boys, too! He left this one on the computer desk.

Post 1722: living with furballs…


Living with Persian kitty boys means…

…furballs on the blinds…

…and furballs all over your carpets less than 24 hours after you vacuum!

Post 1721: sleeping with his binky…


It’s exhausting being a kitty boy! After a short time playing with his binky, Dougy conked out. He’s sleeping now. 

Post 1720: solar kitty time…


Andy’s pleased! It’s solar kitty time!



I’m happy for Andy, Andy’s happy for me. Can’t you see it in our smiles? LOL!

Post 1719: Dougy pouts on the floor…


Dougy sometimes has a fit that I don’t stop everything and play with him. (Notice the sorrowful look…. He has a pitiful “meow” he uses at these times, too. It’s impossible to resist!)

Of course, if I ignore him, he will find something else that needs done, namely a kitty bath~!


TO DOUGY FANS ~ Please note that after I took the photos, I “scritched” Dougy and played with him. No kitty boy was abused to create this blog!




Post 1718: he’s settling in…


Andy and Dougy just finished their kitty food, took a kitty bath, and now…


…Andy’s sleepy. It’s time for settling in. Yep, Andy’s thinking he should take a cat nap!

Post 1717: glamour puss…



Dougy’s always available for glamour puss shots! But he’s not the only kitty boy in the home.


Whoa! What was that moving at high speed into the bedroom? The Loch Ness monster…on land? While doing glamour puss shots, a passing photographer caught a grainy shot of – what? – the mysterious Andysaurus of Lane 2?!

While Dougy always is available for glamour puss shots, Andy, of late, has become a rare sighting. It has to do with staying away from me after he gets his daily medicine.

Post 1716: Kitty boy video time!

It doesn’t take much to amuse a kitty boy!

“Help” has multiple meanings. In this case, it meant a disaster.

Dougy suffers from “happy paws”.

Yeah, that’s my arm being shredded by Dougy’s happy paws!

Post 1715: “Where’s the kitty???”


The kitty boys are so fluffy these days, sometimes it looks like a massive hairball on the ottoman more than a kitty boy.


There’s the kitty, I’m pretty sure! 


For sure! The furball moved! It’s a Dougy!


Andy continues to improve in appearance and weight. While he was ill, his fur was greasy and coarse feeling because he wasn’t up to maintaining himself. Now, it is soft and pleasant to the touch again, and he clearly feels heavier than his last measured weight of 9.4 pounds/ 4,26k.

He’s doing much better about taking his medicine now, too, since I let it get room temperature before I give it to him. I think that was the big issue – too cold for him just out of the refrigerator!



Post 1714: surreptitious…

Dougy and Andy rested after kitty food time till Dougy noticed something. Andy was watching, watching, watching…with one eye barely open!

Dougy had better things to do, though. It was time for a good “scritch” and he was ready!