Post 1969: conked out…

Dougy wanted to play, and we did. Then he conked out. We definitely had fun, but a kitty’s got priorities. It’s nap time!

23 thoughts on “Post 1969: conked out…

    • That’s discouraging news, Marc-AndrĂ©… (Incidentally, I asked about that grooming brush when I stopped by the groomers to leave rabies certificates for the kitty boys, Megan, the owner, said she’d scored a big zero with the company when she tried to reorder that particular brush – she’s been looking for a source, too!

      I just checked Amazon for the Neko toys, and they had a big selection of them. There are lots of other sources, too. I do see that the website you mention is listed as available from Go Daddy. The company must have given it up, but not making their excellent cat toys.

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