Post 1975: Too much Caturday!?

When Dougy wears his ear like this, I wonder if he had too much Caturday fun….

(Oddly, this happens when he cleans up. Andy doesn’t fold his ear back when cleaning, however.)

4 thoughts on “Post 1975: Too much Caturday!?

    • He is aware of it, but he shakes his head to return it to position rather than use his foot. If he does it in front of me, though, I will return it for him. (Unless it realize I forgot to prepare a post for the day and need a quick topic to post! LOL! I was two minutes late this morning posting.)

    • Me, too. After I took the photos (five to get the one good one!), he shook his head and got it back in place. I will do it for him if he does it in front of me.

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